Research Workshops

Each academic year, the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World funds approximately twenty research workshops. These faculty- and graduate student-led initiatives involve scholars at the University of Minnesota as well as partners at local, national, and international institutions.

Research workshops address intellectual questions in global premodern studies and vary greatly in their topics of inquiry and workshop activities—ranging from small reading groups focused on a diverse global literature to workshops linked to graduate seminars, conferences, and major research initiatives. Consortium research workshops model collaboration across disciplines, chronologies, and geographies. The research workshops have become the core of the consortium in terms of scope and level of participation.

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2017-18 Research Workshops

Research Workshop Title, Leader(s) Focus
African History Graduate Student Collaborative
Jess Farrell 
A graduate-student-led workshop that explores the politics of time, memory, history, and the production of knowledge in the context of Africa. Additional Information
Early Modern Atlantic Workshop
Katharine Gerbner and Joanne Jahnke-Wegner  
A research workshop devoted to the Atlantic world in the early modern period and the transatlantic networks linking Europe and Africa with the Americas. Spring Schedule for the Atlantic Workshop
Empire and Imperialism Reading Group      
Loren Cowdery and Andrew Schumacher Bethke
This workshop creates a forum to engage with theoretical and historical scholarship on empires and imperialism from the ancient world through the early modern period. Additional Information
Full Spectrum: Color and Materialism in the Premodern World
Colleen Stockmann 
This group will examine color in the pre- and early modern world with attention to materialisms, practices, and conceptualizations, engaging across time periods and places in order to investigate the possibilities and problems of writing global histories. Additional Information
Globalizing the Sciences
JB Shank 
This research workshop seeks to problematize current narratives of premodern science with the goal of globalizing the study of the history of science. Additional Information
Hybrid Languages of the Iberian Minorities
Veronica Menaldi 
This initiative examines medieval and early modern Iberian minorities and their surviving corpus, each using their own alphabet (Arabic and Hebrew) to represent the Castilian language. This workshop will manifest itself in a co-sponsored lecture, with the help of the Spanish and Portuguese Research Group (SPRG), in March 2018. Additional Information
Mapping Laboratory: Connectivity and Circulation in Pre-Modern Societies
Mario Cossio Olavide and Robert Hultgren 
To better understand the dynamics involved in the movement of goods, individuals and ideas in the premodern world, we will reconstruct the cartographies of the premodern world using modern mapping tools. Additional Information
Mediterranean Collaborative
Giancarlo Casale
The Research Collaborative on the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and North Africa is a multiyear investigation of the empirical, political, and cultural factors underlying claims to a distinct Mediterranean regional identity. Spring 2018 Schedule 
Natures' Empires
Joshua Eichen and Timothy Frye
Through interdisciplinary discussions on the conjoined histories of empires and natures beginning in the Early Modern period, this workshop seeks to trouble the idea of a clear division between the premodern and the modern. Additional Information 
Premodern Archaeology Group
Erin Crowley and Brooke Creager
The Premodern Archaeology Group brings together graduate students from multiple departments to explore themes in the archaeology of the premodern world. Additional Information
Premodern Food Laboratory
Michelle Hamilton, Emily Beck, and Marguerite Ragnow
In advance of the Medieval Studies “Food in the Premodern World” conference in fall 2019, this workshop creates a “dry lab” in which we theorize, experiment with and work through ideas related to food culture in the premodern world. Additional Information
Premodern Graduate Student Writing Workshop Series
Lauren Klaffke, Emmie Miller, and Emily Beck
This Writing Workshop Series serves the premodern graduate student population by creating a supportive, productive, community-oriented, and intellectually-stimulating space for writing. Additional Information
Raynal and the Histoire des Deux Indes
Andrew Billing and Daniel Brewer
This workshop investigates the development of the intertwined ideas of commerce, history, and cultural encounter in the early modern period, with particular emphasis on Raynal’s l’Histoire des deux Indes. Additional Information
Reception of Classical Texts in the Medieval and Early Modern World
Asa Olson and Jennifer Easler
This research workshop provides a reading, discussion, and research forum for the reception of Greek and Roman texts in medieval and early modern western Europe to 1800. Additional Information
Religion During the Enlightenment
Luke Freeman
This research workshop explores the premodern development of the study of religion, with a focus on Bernard and Picart's Religious Ceremonies and Customs of All the Peoples of the World (1723-1743).​ Additional Information
Remembering the Reformation
James Parente and Howard Louthan
On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this workshop will create a library exhibit, a lecture series on late medieval and Reformation astrology and prophecy, a one-day conference on Emperor Maximilian I and the German Empire in the early 1500s, and a lecture series on religious reform, Judaism, and the Arab world. Additional Information
Underwater: Artist Workshops & Premodern Print
Emily Beck and Lois Hendrickson
This workshop will host four artist workshops in conjunction with the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine’s (WHL) 2017-18 exhibit, Underwater. Additional Information
Vagantes Conference
Matt King and Geneviève Young
Vagantes is North America’s largest medieval studies conference run by and for graduate students. Additional information