Teaching the Premodern

Begun as a graduate student-led research workshop in 2016, Teaching the Premodern is a new Center for Premodern Studies initiative that aims to foster innovation and excellence in pedagogy by graduate students. During an exploratory phase in 2017-18, graduate students held workshops to address specific questions and aspects of teaching global premodern studies, from digital humanities in the classroom to teaching with manuscripts. Starting in 2018, the CSPW implemented a new formal "Teaching the Global Premodern" graduate student workshop that helps graduate students to further develop their pedagogical skills and create their own global premodern studies courses and syllabi. After completing the workshop, graduate students have the opportunity to teach global premodern studies courses or courses of their own creation to undergraduates at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere.

University of Minnesota graduate students interested in being listed as a prospective guest lecturer through the Teaching the Premodern Workshop can complete an application form