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CSPW Supports Visiting/Virtual Scholars for Undergraduate Courses & Graduate Seminars

Enhance your Course with a Virtual Visitor this Year
July 23, 2020

Support for Undergraduate Course & Graduate Seminar Visitors AY 2020-2021


Faculty or graudate student instructors teaching a course in premodern studies in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 can apply to the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World for financial support to engage an external scholar as part of their course. This financial support can also be used to augment honoraria for scholars you wish to invite to participate in your course who are also scheduled to engage the UMN community through research workshops and/or public talks.

Award Priorities & Amounts

Due to the unknown duration of travel restrictions, we are prioritizing requests for virtual engagements with scholars. CSPW can offer support for a $200 honorarium for these virtual visitors. Support for in-person course visitors will only be considered for Spring Semester 2021. Funding support for in-person visitors will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Recipient Responsibilities

Instructors receiving support for virtual visitors are responsible for coordinating the logistics of the virtual engagement and providing CSPW with information regarding the date and time of the visit and contact information for the visitor to facilitate honorarium payment.

There is no deadline to request support and requests will be addressed as they are received.

How to Request Support

To request support, send an email to Lydia at with the following details:
Name of Course
Semester the Course will be Offered
Name of Proposed Visitor/Visitors
How the Visitor/Visitors will Enhance the Course (Brief 2-5 sentences)
Virtual or In-Person Visit?
Total Funding Requested


Contact CSPW at for further information or questions.