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Join CEMH for their Fall 2020 Lecture Series: Panic and Plague in 1720 & 2020: The View from Minnesota

A Virtual Lecture Series Fridays at Noon
September 17, 2020

The Center for Early Modern History invites you to join us for our fall lecture series, Panic and Plague in 1720 & 2020: The View from Minnesota. In 1720, the Mississippi Company, a project of financial speculation in the Mississippi River region, collapsed. The explosion of this financial bubble coincided and was entangled with the last mass outbreak of bubonic plague in European history in Marseilles, followed shortly thereafter by a devastating outbreak of smallpox in Boston. This series brings together scholars from across disciplines and across the globe to discuss the intercutting relationships between disease and financial disaster in the early 1720s—reflecting on parallels in the early 2020s. View an interactive poster of these events, which start Friday, September 18, 2020, at