Programs & Resources (draft)

We have many programs and resources that provide opportunities for community members to benefit from our College’s expertise, or to be engaged with us in some way. While most are intended for the general public, some are intended for particular segments of our community, such as K-12 educators or youth. These programs and resources include in-person opportunities, as well as online.

Arts & Performing Arts

Art Galleries 

Learn about the various current and upcoming exhibitions in the College’s various art galleries.

Emerging Artist Exhibition Program 

The Department of Art hosts the Emerging Artist Exhibition Program to give emerging Minnesota artists an opportunity to participate in solo or group exhibitions at the Quarter Gallery in the Regis Center for Art at the University of Minnesota.


Digital Collections & Resources 

Faculty Publications

Explore various books and other publications written by faculty, graduate students, and others associated with various College of Liberal Arts departments.

Clinical Services

The Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Center offers a broad range of services for individuals with impairments of speech, language, and hearing.


Professional Development Resources

Research Study Participation

Resources for K-College Educators

  • Green German Project 
    Review a collection of open-access teaching materials and curricular resources related to sustainability and environmental topics for use by intermediate-advanced level German language and culture teachers, students, and curriculum designers.
  • Holocaust & Genocide Education
    Learn about a variety of resources related to teaching about the Holocaust and genocide, including resource guides, workshops, and institutes.


  • Genocide Education Outreach Program
    An opportunity for community educational institutions and organizations to invite graduate students to offer a lecture or workshop on a topic related to genocide that matches the community’s needs.
  • The Medieval Book in the K-12 Classroom
    An opportunity to invite University students into K-12 classrooms to teach about books in Medieval times.

Topical Resource Guides and Issue Briefs 

Youth Programs