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Student Achievements

Congratulations to Our Recent Ph.D. Graduates!

Ethan Young, PIB
Advisor: Jeff Simpson
Dissertation: The Cognitive Consequences of Childhood Adversity: An Investigation of Feedback Learning Strategies and the Sensitized-Specialization Hypothesis
Gretchen Saunders, PIB
Advisors: Matt McGue, Niels Waller
Dissertation: Substance Use Transmission and Outcomes: Using Genetically Informative Research Designs for Causal Inference with Observational Data
Amanda Kopydlowski, I/O
Advisor: Aaron Schmidt
Dissertation: An Examination of Work/Non-Work Compensatory Need Fulfillment
Sarah Nelson, Counseling
Advisor: Moin Syed
Dissertation: Identity Integration in Emerging Adulthood: A Longitudinal Investigation of Well-Being and Psychological Outcomes
Amanda Rueter, PIB
Advisor: Colin DeYoung
Dissertation: Investigating the Neural Networks Involved in Externalizing and Conscientious Behavior
Jeff Dahlke, I/O
Advisors: Paul Sackett, Nathan Kuncel
Dissertation: On the Quantification and Generalizability of Differential Prediction in Selection Systems
Sha Li, CAB
Advisor: Yuhong Jiang
Dissertation: Learning-induced Attentional Changes in Visual Search
Peter Lynn, CSPR
Advisors: Bill Iacono, Scott Sponheim
Dissertation: The Role of Theta- / Gamma-Coupling in Working Memory Dysfunction in Schizophrenia
Deborah Tan, CAB
Advisor: Yuhong Jiang
Dissertation: Recounting a Memory: How it Changes Visual Memory and How Useful it is for Others

Jack Kostal, I/O
Advisors: Deniz Ones, Nathan Kuncel
Dissertation: Human Cognitive Abilities: The Structure and Predictive Power of Group Factors

Jordan Beim, CAB
Advisor: Andrew Oxenham
Dissertation: Effects of selective attention on the peripheral auditory system: Otoacoustic emission assays of cochlear function during behavior

Craig Marquardt, CSPR
Advisors: Shmuel Lissek, Scott Sponheim
Dissertation: N-back Performance with Trauma-Relevant Visual Distractors: Associations with Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology