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Student Achievements

Congratulations to Our Recent Graduates!


Jack Kostal, I/O
Advisors: Deniz Ones, Nathan Kuncel
Dissertation: Human Cognitive Abilities: The Structure and Predictive Power of Group Factors

Jordan Beim, CAB
Advisor: Andrew Oxenham
Dissertation: Effects of selective attention on the peripheral auditory system: Otoacoustic emission assays of cochlear function during behavior

Craig Marquardt, CSPR
Advisors: Shmuel Lissek, Scott Sponheim
Dissertation: N-back Performance with Trauma-Relevant Visual Distractors: Associations with Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology

Brent Carpenter, CAB
Advisor: Dan Kersten
Dissertation: Measuring the Detection of Objects under Simulated Visual Impairment in 3D Rendered Scenes

Laura Wallace-Johnson, I/O
Advisor: Aaron Schmidt
Dissertation: Investigating Organizational Counterproductivity: The Structurally Oppressive Situations Scale

Brittany Marcus-Blank, I/O
Advisors: Paul Sackett, Nathan Kuncel
Dissertation: Using a Situational Judgement Test to Develop Professionalism and Interpersonal Skills Among Medical Residents

AnnaMarie Vu, Counseling
Advisor: Pat Frazier
Dissertation: Randomized Controlled Trial of Pacifica, a CBT and Mindfulness-based App for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety Management with Health Monitoring

Merav Silverman, CSPR
Advisor: Bob Krueger
Dissertation: Operationalizing Neuroticism Using Task-Based FMRI and Psychological Measures in a Large Sample

Alex Rautu, PIB
Advisor: Colin DeYoung
Dissertation: Toward a Structurally-Sound Model of Uncertainty-Related Personality Traits

Kelly Jordan, Counseling
Advisor: Jo-Ida Hansen
Dissertation: Factor Structure of Career Adaptability and Vocational Identity Development and Relationship to Vocational Interests

William Johnson, Social
Advisors: Mark Snyder, Jeff Simpson
Dissertation: Associations between birth weight/gestational age and social/cognitive functioning across development: Do differences endure?

Katie Broadwell, CAB
Advisors: Chad Marsolek, Randy Fletcher
Dissertation: Handedness and Motivational Asymmetries as Precursors to Personality and Political Ideology