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Student Achievements

Congratulations to Our Recent Graduates!


Samantha Abram, CSPR
Advisor: Angus MacDonald
Dissertation: Towards a Translational Model of Decision-Making: Findings from the Web-Surf Task

Jacob Appleby, Social
Advisors: Gene Borgida, Chris Federico
Dissertation: Do they like us? Meta-stereotypes and meta-evaluations between political groups

Pierce Ekstrom, Social
Advisors: Marti Gonzales, Chris Federico
Dissertation: We're Good People: Moral conviction as social identity

Mary Panos, Social
Advisors: Traci Mann, Alex Rothman
Dissertation: Treat Yourself or Promote Your Health: A Presentation and Examination of the Mechanisms Behind Health Behavior Spillover

Jacob Paulsen, Counseling
Advisors: Jo-Ida Hansen, Pat Frazier
Dissertation: Correlates of Measures of Adaptive and Pathological Narcissism

Allison Williams, Social
Advisors: Chris Federico, Marti Gonzales
Dissertation: Stereotypes and Prototypes: The Causes and Consequences of Intersectional Invisibility
Lauren Mitchell, PIB
Advisor: Moin Syed
Dissertation: Investigating Identity and Social Support Among Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life: A Mixed Methods Study
Amy Shu, I/O
Advisor: Nathan Kuncel
Dissertation: Debias Human Judgment with a Common Decision Bias: An Experimental Study of the Anchoring Effect in Hiring Decision-Making
Kelly Whiteford, CAB
Advisor: Andrew Oxenham
Dissertation: Mechanisms for Coding Pitch
Martin Yu, I/O
Advisor: Nathan Kuncel
Dissertation: Viewing Expert Judgment in Individual Assessments through the Lens Model: Testing the Limits of Expert Information Processing
Emily Allen, CAB
Advisor: Andrew Oxenham
Dissertation: Perception and Processing of Pitch and Timbre in Human Cortex
Heidi Keiser, I/O
Advisor: Paul Sackett
Dissertation: Does Personality Predict Occupational Gravitation?