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Message from the Chair: A Community of Tolerance and Respect

November 16, 2016

Dear Psychology Department Students, Staff and Faculty,

I am writing in the wake of yesterday's presidential election results to provide some information and to encourage a spirit of solidarity as we navigate the days ahead. Since yesterday, we have heard anecdotes regarding incidents of bias between students, and many of you have expressed dismay and distress at the election outcome. 
It is not our position to endorse candidates or to express views about the merits of particular individuals. However, on behalf of the department administration, I would like to affirm that we are an inclusive community, that we respect the viewpoints and values of all who work and learn within our department, and that we encourage an environment where individuals feel comfortable and accepted. The success of our community relies on how we, as a group, choose to interact with--and support--one another. I have no doubt that we can work productively together to navigate whatever challenges lie ahead.
The following campus resources are available to you if you are experiencing difficulties:
University of Minnesota Bias Response Team:
Student mental health services can be accessed here:
Faculty and staff are encouraged to connect with the Employee Assistance Program:
Please reach out to us and to each other if you need to talk or need assistance.