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Psych Scoop, 7/26/16

August 3, 2016

July 26, 2016

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Graduate School

1. Free GRE Prep Resources

Kaplan frequently offers free GRE events. Upcoming events include a Free GRE Bootcamp this Saturday, 7/30 from 1-2:30pm, and a free practice test this Thursday, 7/28 from 5:30-9:30pm. For a full list of upcoming events near you, see Kaplan's website.

Are you ready for grad school? How can you know? Kaplan has put together a fun 2 min. quiz to help you find out! All participants will receive customized tools and information to help them get to the next phase of ‘ready’. Click here to get started!

Campus Resources

2. Wifi Printing is Now Available on Campus

University of Minnesota students on the Twin Cities campus now have the ability to print documents directly from their personal computers to printers in Office of Information Technology (OIT)-managed printing locations via the University’s WiFi network. WiFi printing to OIT-managed printers is available for Windows and Apple operating systems. To use WiFi printing, visit to download the necessary printer drivers for your operating system. Once the drivers are installed on your laptop, you will be able to use WiFi printing in any of the nine OIT-managed locations on the Twin Cities campus. For more information, visit


IMPORTANT: Not all courses listed below are offered by the Department of Psychology, and you will need to meet with your college advisor to find out how they will fit into your academic program.

3. Seats Still Open for Fall Course - GWSS 3215: Bodies that Matter

Fall 2016. Wed & Fri 9:45-11:00. Instructor Angela Carter. Who determines what counts as a disability? Is disability a thing you have or a aspect of who you are? What exactly is ableism? How is disability a social justice issue? To answer these questions – and others like them - GWSS 3215 explores feminist approaches to the study of disability. The course examines the ever-shifting cultural and political formations that construct disability as a social marker of stigma, exclusion, and oppression. By thinking intersectionally, we’ll investigate the systems of power that construct, support, regulate, and determine the life chances of those who claim - or are claimed by - disability. In doing so, GWSS 3215 seeks to break down the complex ideologies of ableism, explore the material realities of such oppression, and work toward building a more just and equitable society.

4. Fall Sociology Courses of Interest

--Interested in health or health care? Soc 3090 Section 1: A Human Right to Healthcare - in Europe & the U.S. (Taught by a visiting Fulbright scholar)

--Interested in the environment? Soc 3090 Section 2: Climate Change: Causes, Effects & Solutions

--Interested in law, criminology & deviance? Soc 4114: Women and the Criminal Justice System, Soc 4411: Terrorist Networks and Counter Terror Organizations, Soc 4461: Sociology of Ethnic and Racial Conflict. 

Course descriptions can be found here.

5. WRIT 4573: Grant Writing

If you are interested in grant writing or learning a systematic process for seeking grant funding, consider enrolling in WRIT 4573W: Writing Proposals and Grant Management in fall 2016. This course will teach you methods for writing a grant proposal package from start to finish and how to work with sponsors or agencies. The course is open to junior/senior undergraduate students or graduate students at the UMN.

Jobs/Internship Opportunities

IMPORTANT: Organizations listed below are not necessarily affiliated with or endorsed by the Department of Psychology or Psychology Undergraduate Advising. Please exercise the same discretion you would in viewing any other source.

6. McNamara Academic Center is Hiring Psychology Tutors

The McNamara Academic Center is hiring tutors for the 2016/2017 Academic School Year. We are looking for intelligent, professional and personable people who are interested in sharing their knowledge with others. These tutors need to be incredibly quick-thinkers with the ability to explain concepts in a variety of methods to a diverse group of learners. Outstanding communication skills are necessary. The following courses are ones in which tutors are needed: PSY 1001, PSY 3801, PSY 3001W, PSY 3011, PSY 3051, PSY 3061, PSY 3101, PSY 3206, PSY 3511, PSY 3604. To request more information and an application, please contact Sandra Schinetsky, tutor coordinator, at

7. Disability Resource Center Hiring Undergrad Access Assistant

The Disability Resource Center is looking to hire an undergraduate Access Assistant for fall. Access Assistants provide 1:1 assistance for students and staff; fulfill accommodation requests; assist the testing coordinator as exam proctors, scribes and readers; provide front desk support, and more. For more information and to apply, search Job ID# 311332 on the UMN Job Board.

8. Fall Internship with Congressman Keith Ellison

Congressman Ellison is looking for smart, hardworking, and passionate individuals for Fall 2016 internship positions in his District Office in North Minneapolis. Internships are offered for students or recent graduates who are interested in learning the operations of a Congressional office: current events as they relate to Congressional activity, federal legislation and policy issues, constituent services, and events research and planning. Interns are asked to work at least 15 hours per week, and are partnered with supervisors in their areas of interest. Unfortunately, due to House ethics guidelines, we are not able to offer compensation to interns. People of color, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ individuals, and folks from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Though many applicants are studying political science, we welcome people from all areas of study – the only requirement is a passion for social justice and community service. The priority deadline for fall internships is August 15, 2016. We will review applications until September 1, 2016. For a complete job posting, go here. Materials may be emailed to

9.Job & Internship Opportunities with ACR Healthcare

ACR Healthcare is currently in need of additional staffing for a direct care position titled "Direct Care Professional," which involves working with individuals that have physical/or developmental disabilities. Some roles of a PC include escorting residents to appointments, administering medications, providing care for daily activities, preparing meals, documenting legal health information, taking residents on community outings such as movies, concerts, parks, etc. There are no specific qualifications for this job. However, the position does require training before being permitted to work at any home, which covers first-aid, CPR, medication administration, how to handle behaviors, and other classes depending on your assigned home. Training can take up to two weeks, but the good news is that all training is paid! ACR Homes requires a minimum of 12 hours a week (around two shifts), and we prefer staff to commit for at least 6 months.

We also have an internship program for any employee planning to pursue nursing, pharmacy, psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other health-based careers. We can even create a new internship based on your interests, as long as you are an employee.

If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please contact Caitlin Fortin at or 952-261-7038.