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Psych Scoop: Registration Edition, 4/11/18

April 11, 2018

April 11th, 2018 - Registration Edition!

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Psychology Advising

1. Registration Begins This Week for Fall 2018!

Fall 2018: Fall registration begins soon! Be sure to check your MyU account to find the date and time you can begin to register for classes. To prepare for registration, meet with both your College advisor and Psychology Advising. Keep in mind that registration is the busiest time of year for advisors, and thus appointments tend to fill up 2 weeks in advance, and longer in some cases if you have limited availability

Summer 2018: Registration for Summer 2018 classes opened up on March 1st. Check out the PSY Class Summer offerings - there are Online and evening options that make scheduling easier and can reduce your credit load for the upcoming year. Popular classes like PSY 4521: Psychology of Stress and Trauma - still have seats available - act quickly! Online classes (PSY 3206: Health Psychology and PSY 3001W: Research Methods) may be completed away from UMNTC campus if you are not staying in the Twin Cities over Summer.

2. Schedule an Appointment Now!

If you would like to speak to a psychology advisor about course planning prior to registration, you will need to schedule an appointment. Please be aware that our appointments book out far in advance this time of year. To ensure you are able to meet with an advisor prior to your registration queue, please plan ahead and submit an appointment request at least two weeks before your registration queue time. It is also very important to notify our office if you are no longer able to make a scheduled appointment so that we are able to open those appointment times up to other students.

3. Drop-In Hours--What To Expect

Psychology Undergraduate Advising holds designated drop-in hours for 5 - 10 minute questions. To run efficiently and serve our students best, it is important that we recognize and respect these specified drop-in times and the scope of what can be covered in them. Questions that may be addressed during drop-ins include: research contract signatures, policy verification, and resource referrals. If your question takes more than 10 minutes or requires a certain level of preparation (such as determining what classes you have left in your major), you will be asked to schedule an appointment with an advisor for a later date. Drop-in hours for the can be found on our website.

Course Planning

4. Course Catalog vs. Course Offerings

Some psychology course offerings may be different than what the Course Catalog and Graduation Planner indicate. Please be aware that, while these tools provide good estimations for course offerings, courses are not guaranteed to be offered during the term listed in Grad Planner or the Course Catalog. This is especially true for PSY 5xxx level (graduate level) courses. The Class Search should always be viewed as the most up-to-date and accurate resource for when classes will be offered during upcoming terms.

5. What do I have left in my Psychology Major?

Use APAS to view your progress in your Major, and compare this with our BA Psychology Requirements Sheet or BS Psychology Requirements Sheet. If you have questions about or notice a discrepancy regarding your Psychology Major requirements and what is listed on your APAS under Psychology, please feel free to email us at We are happy to review this with you over email to provide clarification, and to make any updates as required.

6. What To Do If A Course You Planned To Register For Is Closed

If a Wait List is available, add yourself to the WaitList. Do not contact Psychology Faculty/Instructors to request access to a closed class. Permission numbers are not available for closed psychology courses. There are only so many seats available in each class, and someone needs to drop in order for a seat to become available. We do not make exceptions to registration policies based on individual circumstances. However, here are some steps you can take to increase your likelihood of securing an open seat:

  1. DO register for an alternate course - Because there is no guarantee that you will get into a closed course, it is best to register for another course. That way you can hold yourself a place in a back-up course while you take steps to try to get into your first choice.
  2. DO register for the waitlist, if one is available. If a waitlist is not available, DO keep checking the registration system for an open seat. There is usually a little fluctuation in course enrollment as people adjust their schedules prior to the start of the term (especially in the week right before the term starts). Check the registration system daily in case a seat opens up.
  3. DO attend the first week of class - University policy is that if anyone who is registered for a course does not show up for the first day (without prior arrangement), they forfeit their seat. It is a good idea to approach the instructor right before the class begins to let them know that you are hoping for a seat, in case one opens up. Also, people drop and add classes up through the cancel/add deadlines, so continue to attend class and check the registration system regularly throughout this period.

Registration Instructions

7. Did You Take A PSY 3801 Equivalent At Another Institution & Do You Plan On Taking PSY 3001W Summer or Fall 2018?

Are you a declared Psychology major (or Individualized Degree Seeking Student with a declared Psychology concentration) who has successfully completed an approved statistics equivalent to PSY 3801 at another institution? Do you intend to enroll in PSY 3001W next semester? If you meet these criteria, please read on.

Our registration system only recognizes several approved equivalents as meeting the statistics prerequisites for PSY 3001W, and you may be blocked from enrolling in open seats. To increase your chances of securing an open seat for this course, you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Email at least 1 day prior to your registration start time. In the email, provide your student ID number, your registration time, and state that you would like to enroll in PSY 3001W and have taken a PSY 3801 equivalent at another institution. You must also include your top two choices of 3001W sections.
  2. We will respond to your email with a permission number for your preferred section of PSY 3001W. This number will only be usable if open seats remain in the course when your registration time opens. Permission numbers do not override closed courses. If seats no longer remain in your preferred sections, you will need to choose another section time.

8. PSY 4993/5993 Research Lab Registration Instructions

Are you planning to participate in PSY 4993/5993 next semester? If so, please note that the registration process for this experience differs greatly from that of standard PSY courses. Please read and follow the registration guidelines outlined on our website to secure an experience and become enrolled. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with Psychology Advising to discuss your options in-person.

9. Planning PSY Major Project (Capstone) Summer or Fall 2018 Term?

If you plan to take PSY Major Project (Capstone) (Psy 3901W, 3902W, 3903W) in Fall 2018, please check your email for an important message from our department regarding enrollment in this course! To enroll, you will need to meet the prerequisites of:

  1. Senior Status (90 credits +)
  2. Completion of PSY Foundation Courses (1001, 3801, 3001W)
  3. Completion of the Distribution Areas Courses (the five required courses across areas A, B, & C)
  4. BS Students ONLY--completion of at least 12 credits of Outside Foundation coursework

Psychology BS major project additional information.

Psychology BA major project(s) additional information.

10. Did You Take A PSY 3001W Equivalent At Another Institution & Do You Plan On Taking Major Project Summer or Fall 2018?

Are you a senior planning to take PSY Major Project in Summer or Fall 2018? Did you successfully complete an approved research methods equivalent to PSY 3001W at another institution? If you meet these criteria, please read on.

Our registration system cannot recognize transfer courses as meeting the PSY 3001W prerequisite for Major Project, and you will be blocked from enrolling in open seats. To increase your chances of securing an open seat for this course, you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Email at least 1 day prior to your registration start time. In the email, provide your student ID number, your registration time, and state that you have taken a PSY 3001W equivalent at another institution. Please also indicate which Major Project you would like to enroll in (PSY 3901W/3902W/3903W)
  2. We will verify that you have successfully completed an approved equivalent, and that you have completed all other major project prerequisites.
  3. You will keep this verification email and respond directly to it 30 minutes before you plan on registering. In this response, you must include your top two choices of open Major Project sections (NOTE: there MUST be an open seat in the section for us to provide a permission number).
  4. If a seat is available, we will respond as soon as possible with a permission number that you must use promptly.