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Research Studies Seeking Participants

March 5, 2021

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) has approved some of the research studies in the Department of Psychology to resume in-person data collection.  We will be updating this page with all of our studies that are seeking in-person volunteers.

*Healthy Volunteer = A person who does not have the condition or disease being studied

Mindful Breathing and Neuromodulation for Depression in Young People

The goal of this research study conducted at the University of Minnesota is to develop a new intervention that may help young people with depression. This new intervention combines two techniques designed to enhance healthy brain functioning: 1) mindful breathing training, a type of meditation, and 2) tDCS, a type of non-invasive brain stimulation.
(IRB Approval: STUDY00004214)

Contact Information:
RAD Lab (

Eligibility Requirements:
Sex: Female
Ages: 17-24
Healthy Volunteers*: This study is NOT accepting healthy volunteers

Visual Adaptation Over Repeated Blocks and Days

The goal of this study is to measure how the human visual system adjusts itself over a period of time to function better in different perceptual environments. We will measure participants’ perceptual performance, which involves measuring their perception of stimuli such as simple patterns of stripes, lines, faces, and text. We will measure these endpoints before and after viewing a set of simple ‘adapter’ visual images on a computer screen.  
(IRB Approval: 1006M84457)

Contact Information:
Xinyu Liu (

Eligibility Requirements:
Sex: All
Ages: 18-65
Healthy Volunteers*: This study IS accepting healthy volunteers

Sexual & Gender Minority Stress Study

The purpose of this research is to understand the mental health of sexual and gender minorities (SGM) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Examining the mental health of minority groups, such as SGM, is important to understand any differential mental health responses based on minority status. The results will help establish a foundation for assessing SGM mental health during the pandemic.
(IRB Approval: STUDY00010531)

Contact Information:
Minority Stress Lab (

Eligibility Requirements:
Sex: Male (assigned male at birth, without having undergone any hormone therapy)
Ages: 18-22
Healthy Volunteers*: This study IS accepting healthy volunteers
Must identify as non-heterosexual 

Studies in Auditory Perception

This short study has two listening components. One of the components will take about 1 hour to complete and will require the listener to make pitch judgments. The second component will take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete and will require the listener to type the words they hear. The participants will need to have normal hearing and English as their native language. Participants will be compensated @ $10/hr.
(IRB Approval: 0605S85872)

Contact Information:
Heather Kreft (

Eligibility Requirements:
Sex: All

Healthy Volunteers*: 

This study IS accepting healthy volunteers

Community Anxiety Response Study

This research study is examining the effects of anxiety and personality on fear-related learning and memory in the brain and body.  You’ll complete some questionnaires, participate in an interview, & complete a computer task while having an MRI. This study has two visits up to 4 hours each. You will be compensated up to $180 for your participation.  Please email or call the study coordinator, Andrew Rust, for more information.
(IRB Approval: 1610M96641)

Contact Information:
Andrew Rust (
(612) 624-3395

Eligibility Requirements:
Sex: All
Ages: 18-35
Healthy Volunteers*: This study IS accepting healthy volunteers