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APC Study on How Age Affects Cortical Tracking

Researchers from the Auditory Perception and Cognition (APC) Lab in the Psychology Department recently released research on the effect of age on cortical tracking of word-level features of continuous competing speech. The paper titled, “Effects of Age on Cortical Tracking of Word-Level Features of Continuous Competing Speech,” was co-authored by Juraj Mesik, Lucia Ray, and Magdalena Wojtczak.

Lee on Pandemic Brain Fog

Brain fog, the feeling of sluggish or fuzzy thinking, is a common experience; however, the pandemic may be increasing this experience. With isolation, added interruptions, and the stress of the past year, your ability to focus on and complete tasks can be affected. In a Duluth News Tribune article titled, “Minnesota experts share tips to ease pandemic 'brain fog',” Rich Lee, PhD, Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, states that brain fog is currently not well understood.

Ones and Alumnus Receive Award

Congratulations to Deniz S. Ones, PhD, Hellervik Professor of Industrial Psychology, Distinguished McKnight University Professor, and Distinguished University Teacher of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Psychology, and I-O Area Alumnus Michael Wilmot who were awarded the 2021 Joyce and Robert Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) for their Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America paper on Conscientiousness.

Lee on the Rise of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

On March 16th, a gunman opened fire on several Atlanta-area spas, killing eight people with six being Asian women. This horrific attack was just one of many as the US has seen an upward trend in anti-Asian hate crimes. In a Minnesota Daily article titled, “Asian and Asian American community members heal and process after Atlanta-area shootings,” the article shares how at a local level, student groups across campus such as the Asian-American Student Union (ASU) have collaborated with each other to hold safe spaces. Rich Lee, PhD, Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, drafted the department’s statement in response to these attacks.

Frazier on PTSD From Police Footage

Throughout the Derek Chauvin trial, witnesses have taken to the stand to describe what they saw the night of George Floyd’s death. In a Star Tribune article titled, “Derek Chauvin trial shows people who film police violence later struggle with trauma,” Pat Frazier, PhD, professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, states that the experiences described in court are consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Study Suggests Cannabis Use in Adolescence Leads to Poorer School Performance and...

A new University of Minnesota study authored by a team of researchers in the Department of Psychology and Institute of Child Development (ICD) suggests that cannabis use in adolescence leads to poorer school performance and lower socioeconomic attainment, but not higher rates of mental health or cognitive concerns in adulthood. The study was conducted with thousands of identical twins from the age of 11 into adulthood. The study was led by Jonathan Schaefer and the team included William Iacono, Stephen Malone, Matt McGue, Scott Vrieze, and Sylia Wilson.

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