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Mohsen Goudarzi Recent Article Publication

October 2, 2019

Kudos to RELS/CNES faculty member Mohsen Goudarzi on the publication of his article: 

“Inspiration, Intellect, and the Interpretation of Scripture in Post-Classical Islam.” In Treasures of Knowledge: An Inventory of the Ottoman Palace Library (1502/3-1503/4), edited by G. Necipoğlu, C. Kafadar, and C. Fleischer (Brill, 2019), 267-308.

Description: "What did Muslim scholarship on the Qur'an look like at the turn of the sixteenth century? What were some of the major debates, trends, and genres of writing about the Qur'an that captured the interest of Muslim intellectuals from the so-called "post-classical" period? This essay addresses these questions by examining a remarkable document, namely, the complete inventory of the palace library of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II (r. 1481-1512), which included scores of commentaries and treatises on the Qur'an. Utilizing this unique document affords us a more expansive and accurate understanding of Qur'an scholarship in the post-classical age of Islamic civilization."