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Director / Director of Undergraduate Studies

Name Contact Specialties
Jeanne Kilde
Director of Undergraduate Studies
146C Nicholson Hall
Theory and method in religious studies, religion in America, religious space and architecture

Director of Graduate Studies

Name Contact Specialties
Stephen Ahearne-Kroll
Director of Graduate Studies
Sundet Chair in New Testament and Christian Studies
146E Nicholson Hall
New Testament, Hellenistic religions, Second Temple Judaism, gender, family

Core Faculty & Staff

Name Contact Specialties
Patricia Ahearne-Kroll
Department of Classical & Near Eastern Studies
262 Nicholson Hall
Second temple Judaism, Religion in Ptolemaic Egypt, Jewish apocrypha and pseude
Bernard Bachrach
Department of History
114 Heller Hall
Medieval Jewish-Christian relations, history of the Crusades
Giancarlo Casale
Department of History
1237 Heller Hall
Ottoman Empire, intellectual life in the Ottoman Empire and Renaissance Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Sinem Casale
Department of Art History
346 Heller Hall
Islamic art and architecture with an emphasis on the history and visual culture of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals.
Penny Edgell
Department of Sociology
1039 Social Sciences Building
Culture, gender, religion
Kirsten Fischer
Department of History
1049 Heller Hall
American religious history
Aisha Ghani
Department of Anthropology
369 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Anthropology of religion and secularism, political and legal anthropology, violence, liberalism sovereignty, U.S. constitutional and environmental law, Islamic law, psychoanalysis, courtroom ethnography, social theory; Islam and Muslim communities in the United States
Katherine Gerbner
Department of History
1110 Heller Hall
Religious dimensions of race, authority, and freedom in the early modern Atlantic world
Peter Harle
CLA Advising
338 Heller Hall
Bernard Levinson
Department of Classical & Near Eastern Studies
258 Nicholson Hall
Hebrew Bible, Jewish studies, history of interpretation, literary approaches to biblical studies, divine revelation
Hanne Loeland-Levinson
Department of Classical & Near Eastern Studies
150E Nicholson Hall
Gender studies, metaphor theory, prophetic literature, and biblical narratives
Howard Louthan
Department of History
1116 Heller Hall
Early modern Europe; Central Europe; cultural, intellectual, and religious history
Nabil Matar
Department of English
330C Lind Hall
Early modern Euro-Islamic contacts, 17th century British religious literature
Natan Paradise
Associate Director of the Center for Jewish Studies
150B Nicholson Hall
Center for Jewish Studies
Paul Rouzer
Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
230D Folwell Hall
Buddhism and its relation to pre-modern and modern literature
Nida Sajid
Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
260 Nicholson Hall
South Asian Literature and Culture, Modern Muslim World and Islam in South Asia, Empire and Postcolonial Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Anna Seastrand
Department of Art History
338 Heller Hall
South Asian art and religious practice; sacred space; Hinduism and the South Indian temple
J.B. Shank
Department of History
922 Heller Hall
History of Western philosophy, science, and religion
Ajay Skaria
Department of History
924 Heller Hall
South Asia, environmental history
Theofanis Stavrou
Department of History
1224 Heller Hall
Religious history of Russia in the twentieth century
Andrea Sterk
Department of History
1237 Heller Hall
Ancient and medieval Christianity, late antiquity, Byzantium history
Mohsen Goudarzi Taghanaki
Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
266 Nicholson Hall
Early Islamic history, Qu'ranic studies
Ann Waltner
Department of History
912 Heller Hall
Law, world history, gender, traditional Chinese social history

Affiliated Faculty & Staff

Name Contact Specialties
Hakim Abderrezak
Department of French & Italian
303C Folwell Hall
French and Francophone language, literature, and culture; French immigration policies, Maghrebi cinema, north African and Caribbean literature
Cawo Abdi
Department of Sociology
1146 Social Sciences Building
Migration, transnationalism, Islam, race, class, gender, globalization
Dean Billmeyer
School of Music
100 Ferguson Hall
Organ, analysis and techniques of sacred music
Jeffrey Broadbent
Department of Sociology
1026 Social Sciences Building
Religious cultural influence and social action in east Asian society
David Chang
Department of History
1143 Heller Hall
Race and ethnicity in Hawai'i and the United States, religion in the politics of agrarian socialism
Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
146F Nicholson Hall
Greek and Roman Religion
Michael Gaudio
Department of Art History
364 Heller Hall
Visual culture of early modern Europe, Protestant Reformation
Michelle Hamilton
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
209 Folwell Hall
Jews, Muslims, and Christians in medieval Iberia; Maimonides; Ibn Rushd; Christian mystics; Moriscos; mysticism
Katherine Hayes
Department of Anthropology
386 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Historical archaeology and material culture, early colonial entanglements of European settlers, Native Americans and enslaved Africans in North America. 
Patricia Lorcin
Department of History 
1020 Heller Hall
Modern France and French imperialism, Race and Racial ideology in France and its colonies, Western Imperialism, Colonialism, Post-colonial Studies


Alan Love
Department of Philosophy
735 Heller Hall
Philosophy of biology, philosophy of science, science and religion
Peter Mercer-Taylor
School of Music
100 Ferguson Hall
Music history 1750–1900, American hymnology
Susan Noakes
Department of French & Italian
305D Folwell Hall
Women's studies, the Global Middle Ages
Steven Ostrow
Department of Art History
338A Heller Hall
Early modern Italian visual culture, post-Tridentine period and seventeenth-century sculpture and art theory
Thomas Pepper
Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
220 Nicholson Hall
Philosophy of religion of modernity (Kierkegaard), theory of the text and interpretation
Matt Rahaim
School of Music
170 Ferguson Hall
South Asia, vocal and bodily practices, ethical self-cultivation, phenomenology, performance, ethnography, sonic ecology
Andrew Scheil
Department of English
310E Lind Hall
Late antique and early medieval theology, exegesis, and literature; anti-Semitism; religion and literature (especially poetry)
Daniel Schroeter
Department of History
1018 Heller Hall
Jewish studies, Middle East, north Africa
Hoon Song
Department of Anthropology
395 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Theories of religion, witchcraft, divination, sorcery, shamanism
Shaden Tageldin
Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
218 Nicholson Hall
19th- and 20th-century literatures in English, Arabic, French, empire and postcolonial studies, critical translation theory, political of language, literary form, genre, histories and ideologies of comparative literature, aesthetics and biologics of race, nation, culture, literatures of migration and diaspora
John Watkins
Department of English
312 Lind Hall
Reformation cultural history, apocalypticism in modern American culture

Faculty Emeriti

Name Contact Specialties
Catherine Asher
Department of Art History
370 Heller Hall
Cultural production of south Asia and the Islamic world
William Beeman
Department of Anthropology
395 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Islam, Middle Eastern religion and anthropology
Jasper Hopkins
Department of Philosophy History of medieval and of Renaissance philosophy, philosophy of religion
Department of American Studies Anthropology of America, cultural studies of American Jews and Judaism
Melissa Harl Sellew
Department of Classical & Near Eastern Studies
260 Nicholson Hall
Greek and Roman religion, New Testament studies, early Christianity