Religion and the Public University Collaborative

The role of religion on public university campuses has changed significantly in the 21st century as religious identity has been afforded increasing significance in the intersectional selves of students, faculty, and staff. While this is a positive development for many, changing attitudes toward religion have also spurred conflict and raised challenges that in some cases administrators are at a loss to address. The Religion and the Public University collaborative will bring together faculty, staff, and graduate students from several Twin Cities and coordinate campus units of the University of Minnesota to research the historical, legal, and sociological scholarship on the religion/public university relationship and to use that material to provide context for discussions and deliberations that it will host, aimed at disseminating information and developing guidelines or best practices advice for managing this complicated relationship.

This collaborative will meet regularly as a reading group through the 2019-20 academic year. It will develop an online conversation devoted to these issues, host campus-wide conversations on the topic, and develop a staff workshop. 

Jeanne Kilde, Director, Religious Studies Program, CLA
Virajita Singh, Associate Vice Provost, Office of Equity and Diversity
Penny Edgell, Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean for Social Sciences, CLA
Aisha Ghani, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Religious Studies, CLA
Jennifer Alexander, Associate Professor of History of Science, Technology and Medicine, CSE
Katharine Gerbner, McKnight Land Grant Professor 2018-2010 and Assistant Professor of History, CLA
Artyom Tonoyan, Research Associated, Institute for Global Studies, CLA
Sharon Fischlowitz, Attorney, Sussman & Parkhurst, Minneapolis, MN
Pat Ahearne-Kroll, Assistant Profesor of Classical and Near Eastern Studies, CLA
Steve Ahearne-Kroll, Assistant Profesor of Classical and Near Eastern Studies, CLA
David Beard, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, UMD
Richard Bohannon, Assistant Professor, Individualized and Interdisciplinary Study, Metropolitan State U
Eva Cohen, Graduate Student, Classical and Near Eastern Studies, CLA
Kristen Fischer, Associate Professor, History, CLA
Tom Fischer, Professor, Architecture, CDes
Caity Frail, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems, College of Pharmacy
Luke Freeman, Graduate Student, History, CLA
Laura Gilbertson, Graduate Student, Sociology, CLA
David Gore, Professor, Communications, UMD
Jennifer Gunn, Associate Professor, IAS, History of Science, Technology, Medicine
Mary Hess, Professor, Educational Leadership, Luther Seminary
Caleb Hicks, Coordinator of Academic Support, Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, UMN
Mark Hulsether, Professor, Religion, University of Tennesee, Knoxville
Alexis Logsdon, Humanities Librarian, UMN Libraries
Christina Lopez, Educational Technologies Consultant, LATIS
Joshua Morrison, Graduate Student, Communications Studies, CLA
Robert Osburn, Wilberforce Academy
Miray Phillips, Graduate Student, Sociology, CLA
Travis Pickell, Anselm House
Melinda Quivik, Independent Scholar
Julie Rashid, Manager of Acquisitions and Rapid Cataloging, UMN Libraries
Paul Rouzer, Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, CLA
Sara Shady, Professor of Philosophy, Bethel University
Julie Showers, Director of Office of Conflict Resolution, UMN
Susannah Smith, Managing Director of IAS, UMN
Nathan Stenberg, Graduate Student, Theater, UMN