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Islamic Studies Minor

Currently, students can select Islamic Studies as an area concentration within the Religious Studies major, on either Track I or II.

Faculty associated with Islamic Studies come from several departments across the College of Liberal Arts.


- Islam: Origins and Development. Take one of the following courses:

  • RELS 3704 (CNES 3074) Exploring the Qur'an: An Intellectual odysseywith Islam's holy scripture [AH]
  • RELS 3712 (HIST 3493) Islam: Religion and Culture

- Electives. Take four additional courses on Islam at or above the 3000-level.

CLA Faculty Involved in Islamic Studies

Hakim Abderrezak,** Associate Professor, French & Italian Department
Cawo Abdi,* Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Iraj Bashiri,* Professor, History Department 
William Beeman,* Professor, Anthropology
Giancarlo Casale,* Associate Professor, History Department 
Sinem Casale,* Assistant Professor, Art History
Kathleen Collins, Associate Professor, Political Science
Susan L. Craddock, Professor, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Joseph Farag, Assistant Professor, Asian Languages and Literatures 
Joseph Gerteis, Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Carol Hakim, Associate Professor, History 
Serra M. Hakyemez, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Global Studies
Michelle Hamilton,** Spanish & Portuguese
Diyah Larasati, Associate Professor, Theater and Dance
Bernard Levinson,* Classical and Near Eastern Studies 
Patricia Lorcin,** Professor, History
Michael Lower, History
Nabil Matar,* English/History
Sonali Pahwa, Assistant Professor, Theater and Dance
Matthew Rahaim,** Associate Professor, School of Music
Kathryn Reyerson, Professor, History
Hassan Abdel Salam, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Abdi Samatar, Professor, Geography
Daniel Schroeter,** Professor, History
Sima Shakhsari, Assistant Professor, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Shaden Tageldin,** Associate Professor, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
Katrien Vanpee, Director of Arabic Language Instruction, Asian Languages and Literatures
Aisha Ghani, Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Religious Studies
Mohsen Goudarzi, Assistant Professor, CNES and Religious Studies

*Core member of the Religious Studies Program
**Affiliate member of the Religious Studies Program