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Photo of Adriana Zabala taken during an interview

The Inventing Mezzo

Associate professor and mezzo soprano Adriana Zabala has become widely known for her work creating new roles in opera. As she prepared for the international premiere of Dinner at Eight at the Minnesota Opera on March 11, we sat down with her to hear about how the joys of collaborating on new work inspires her teaching of voice students in the School of Music.
Photo of onions, tomatoes, radishes

Why Diets Fail You

Here's a refreshing idea for the rest of January and the year: quit your diet. “Losing weight is a particularly unfortunate New Year’s resolution because you’re almost guaranteed to need to do it again the next year and the next year and the next year,” said Traci Mann, a psychology professor at the University of Minnesota.
Photo of a row of 10 plastic tents side by side

Trumpism is Just as Popular in Denmark as the United States

During the 2016 Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders noted that America would be better off if it looked more like Denmark. In actuality, the United States and Denmark are already alike in one key respect. Surveys show that Americans and Danes have similar favorable views about Trumpism. Political science graduate student Matt Motta discusses the findings of a recent survey of Americans and Danes.
Photo of Sreyashi Ray

From India to the U of M

Asian languages & literatures graduate student Sreyashi Ray ventured all the way from India to pursue a PhD in Asian literatures, cultures, and media. She was drawn to the University of Minnesota by the significant research work being done by the faculty and recommendations from professors at her alma mater.