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Why Diets Fail You

Here's a refreshing idea for the rest of January and the year: quit your diet. “Losing weight is a particularly unfortunate New Year’s resolution because you’re almost guaranteed to need to do it again the next year and the next year and the next year,” said Traci Mann, a psychology professor at the University of Minnesota.
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Trumpism is Just as Popular in Denmark as the United States

During the 2016 Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders noted that America would be better off if it looked more like Denmark. In actuality, the United States and Denmark are already alike in one key respect. Surveys show that Americans and Danes have similar favorable views about Trumpism. Political science graduate student Matt Motta discusses the findings of a recent survey of Americans and Danes.
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Minnesota’s Environmental Classroom

Professor Mark Pedelty’s Environmental Communication course provides students a unique learning opportunity to explore environmental issues and learn how best to communicate about them. “I want students to engage beyond the confines of the classroom and take a more hands-on approach to learning. It’s a different narrative when you get out there,” Pedelty says.
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The Brainiac

Jessica Brown, one our newest faculty members in speech-language-hearing sciences, is changing the way we look at traumatic brain injury and augmentative alternative communication.