Full Grant Awards Fall 2017

Migration and Migrants in Terrifying Times

We live in uncertain and, occasionally, terrifying times. Assumptions, myths, and misinformation about migration and migrants are routinely and increasingly manifested in daily conversations and interactions in our everyday lives.

At the same time, migration was, is, and will continue to be, an essential and vibrant part of our lived experience as individuals, communities, Minnesotans, Americans, and global citizens.

This workshop explores this tension via the theme, “Migration and Migrants in Terrifying Times.” Four semester-long reading/discussion groups and symposia modeled on the Law School’s Human Rights Lab will cover four highly relevant and timely topics will facilitate conversations and collaborations among scholars and other interested persons and parties in and outside of CLA and the University of Minnesota.

This initiative seeks to create a space where people can collectively reflect on and proactively respond to current and future events and processes that have and will have an impact on migration and migrants in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the rest of the country.

Team Members Affiliation
Jack DeWaard Department of Sociology
Erika Lee Department of History, Department of Asian American Studies, and Immigration History Research Center
Ryan Allen Humphrey School of Public Affairs & U of M Extension
Cawo Abdi Department of Sociology and Institute for Global Studies
Bruce Braun Department of Geography, Environment & Society
Fernando Burga Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Bianet Castellanos Department of American Studies
Linus Chan James H. Binger Center for New Americans (Law School)
Vichet Chhuon Curriculum and Instruction (College of Education and Human Development)
Giovanna Dell'Orto Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Marissa Hill-Dongre International Student and Scholar Services & U of M Immigration Response Team
Douglas Hartmann Department of Sociology
Jessica Hellmann Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (College of Biological Sciences) & Institute on the Environment
Karen Ho Department of Anthropology & Race, Indigeneity, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Memory, Trauma, and Human Rights at the Crossroads of Art and Science

This workshop brings together team members from the University, community, and research institutions abroad to better understand the impacts of traumatic memory upon individuals and societies and to critically engage the issues of how we come to terms with and heal from trauma, seek accountability for human rights abuses that led to severe trauma, and mitigate future traumatization.

This initiative explores the long-term effects of traumatic experiences as varied as war and dictatorship, terrorist attacks and state terrorism, genocide, captivity, and sexual abuse. The workshop explores how a more interdisciplinary understanding of memory and traumatization can illuminate the pathways between artistic production and healing. A full understanding of trauma and its implications in modern society needs to address its individual and social dimensions, and place 1) therapeutic and artistic work, 2) critical cultural analysis and scientific modelling/experimentation, and 3) sociological as well as historical study and medical practice in dialogue.

This project brings together, for the first time at the University, recognized leaders in all these fields in a sustained manner that will lead to vigorous intellectual exchange and important peer-reviewed publications, curricular development that foments co-teaching across departments, community outreach, and internationalization of the University.

Team Members Affiliation
Ofelia Ferrán Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Brian Engdahl Neuroscience (Medical School) and Minneapolis VA Health Care System
Ana Forcinito Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies and Institute for Global Studies
Alejandro Baer Department of Sociology
Janet Dubinsky Neuroscience (Medical School)
Jan Estep Department of Art
Francisco Ferrándiz Politics of Memory, Memories of Violence at the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid, Spain
Ana Paula Ferreira Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies 
Rosa García-Peltoniemi  Center for Torture
Patrick McNamara Department of History
Leslie Morris Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch
EmmaLee Pallai Community University Health Care Center
Francesc Torres Artist
Bill Viestenz Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Elizabeth Wieling Family Social Science (College of Education and Human Development)
Gary Christenson Psychiatry (Medical School) and Boynton Health Service
Stephen Engel Department of Psychology
Mary Jo Maynes Department of History
Patricia Shannon School of Social Work (College of Education and Human Development)