Mini Grant Awards Spring 2017

Exploring the Future of Embodied Technologies

Recent development in computing has moved devices increasingly closer to our bodies; as a result, significant work with wearables and embodied technology is well underway across the University of Minnesota. This initiative strives to develop a foundational step in connecting and leveraging scholarship and artistic practice across the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Design, Education and Human Development, and Science and Engineering as a means to explore the future of embodied technologies. As interdisciplinary scholars, and together with graduate and undergraduate student scholars, this project extends existing theory and creates new frameworks. Through emergent use cases, this ICW investigates what it means to technologize ourselves through immersive and embodied devices.

Components of the proposed Interdisciplinary Collaborative Workshop include support for bringing scholars together to experience and collaborate within multiple studio spaces; development of an event to showcase those who are exploring the intersections and juxtapositions of embodied technologies; and support for research groups to complete grant proposals for further funding. In short, the primary goal of this mini-grant is to spur development of this signature interdisciplinary area of study at the University of Minnesota.

Team Members Affiliation
Ann Hill Duin Department of Writing Studies
Diane Willow Department of Art, Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Lucy Dunne Department of Design, Housing & Apparel (CEHD), Wearable Reseach Collaboratory
Brad Holschuh Department of Design, Housing & Apparel (CEHD), Wearable Reseach Collaboratory
Aaron Doering Curriculum and Instruction (CEHD) and Learning Technologies Media Lab
Maki Asaka Department of Asian Languages & Literatures
Juliana Abel Department of Mechanical Engineering (College of Science and Engineering)

Sonance: Musical Performance in/of/as Cultural Research

Music scholars are increasingly adding composition and performance to their methodological toolkit. Faculty distributed across University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts have taken a lead in that movement, exploring musical questions through participant observation, ethnography, experimentation, action research, and applied work. The scholars involved in this project use musical improvisation, composition, and performance in their research and are asking interrelated questions about performativity, sound, and culture. Now we seek to exchange that knowledge via a monthly symposium, performed near campus, gain new insights into performance-based research via that exchange, and use our critical mass at the University of Minnesota to lead the national conversation around engaged musical research.

Team Members Affiliation(s)
Mark Pedelty Department of Communication Studies
Scott Currie School of Music
Tim Gustafson Department of Writing Studies
Sumanth Gopinath School of Music
Matthew Sumera Department of American Studies and Office of Student Affairs
Additional faculty in the School of Music and Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature  

City as Commons: Municipalism in America

The Municipalism Research Group is a workshop focusing on the topic of the “City as Commons: Municipalism in America.” Municipalism is a form of political organization that has recently gained popularity across Europe, based on assemblies of neighborhoods, practicing direct democracy, which are organized into a system of municipalities, as an alternative to the centralized state. A primary goal of the workshop is to develop collaboration among academics, activists, and artists interested in urban governance and social reproduction in the Twin Cities and to put them in conversation with colleagues across North America, Europe, and South America who are studying, or experimenting with, municipalist forms of governance. This project envisions a series of monthly meetings culminating in a conference at Minnesota in June 2018, an edited book on the topic, and further identification of external funding sources to support additional activities by the collaborative.

Team Members Affiliation
Bruce Braun Department of Geography, Environment & Society
Daniela Sandler Department of Architecture (College of Design)
Jenny Schmid Department of Art
Michael Gallope Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
George Henderson Department of Geography, Environment & Society
John Kim Macalester College
Sam Gould Beyond Repair & Red76
Diane Mullin Weisman Art Museum
Nisa Mackie Walker Art Center
Ross Elfline Carleton College
Fernando Canteli De Castro Parsons School of Design Strategies & Barcelona en Comu
Alan Moore CoLab & ABC No Rio
Charmaine Chua Oberlin College
Seth Kim-Cohen School of the Art Institute Chicago
Marc Allen Herbst Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
Ed Marszewski Lumpen Magazine and Lumpen Radio Chicago
Tana Hargest Black Market
Graduate students in the Departments of Geography, Environment & Society; Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature; Political Science, Sociology; Art; and Architecture