Previous Talle Faculty Award Winners


Professor Cawo Abdi
Department of Sociology
Ethnocentric Charter Schools in Minnesota

Professor Sophia Beal
Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
The Art of Brasília: How Culture Reframes the Built Environment

Professor Lizbeth H. Finestack
Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Metalinguistic Awareness and Language Development in Children

Professor Njeri Githire
Department of African American & African Studies
Inedible Ideologies: Food, Politics and Artistic Expression in the African Cultural Landscape

Professor Jaime E. Hanneken
Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Tropologies of Latinité: Race and Space in the Circum-Atlantic, 1830-1930

Professor Nancy Luxon
Department of Political Science
Staging the Political: Colonial Encounters Across North Africa and France

Professor Yuichiro Onishi
Department of African American & African Studies; Asian American Studies
The Birth of Midcentury Racial Liberalism: A Strange Journey from America’s Concentration Camps to the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Professor Michael J. Silverman
School of Music
Healthy and Unhealthy Music Use, Music-Based Emotional Regulation, and Coping Strategies in Acute Care Mental Health Inpatients: A Cross Sectional Study


Professor Lisa Channer
Department of Theatre Arts & Dance
Dancing on the Edge

Professor Katherine Hayes
Department of Anthropology
A Carceral Landscape? Re-interpreting the place and material culture of Historic Fort Snelling through the lens of incarceration
Watch a highlight video on Hayes' research

Professor Mai Na Lee
Department of History
The Hmong Kingdom at Dragon Capital (Long Cheng):  Vang Pao’s Alliance with the CIA

Professor Joshua Page
Department of Sociology
American Bail: Extraction and Management at the Boundary of State and Market
Read "Behind the Baill," a story on Page's research

Professor Matthias Rothe
Department of German, Scandinavian & Dutch
Staging Economy - Critique through Presentation in Brecht's Theater

Professor R. Scott St. George
Department of Geography, Environment & Society
The Long View on Drought in Nepal
Read "Let's Talk About Trees," a story on St. George's research

Professor Michael Wilson
Department of Anthropology
Chimpanzee Dialects? Testing Whether Chimpanzees at Gombe National Park, Tanzania Have Group-specific Calls
Read "Unlocking the Mysteries of Language (One Chimp at a Time)," a story on Wilson's research