Previous Talle Faculty Award Winners

Funded by a generous gift from Ken and Janet Talle, this award provides $300,000 of research support each year over five years, with 8-10 recently promoted associate professors receiving an award each year. With this fund, the College recognizes and invests in the next generation of faculty who are poised to lead CLA as it pursues greater heights of excellence and who are engaging in new lines of research and creative activity that will shape their fields and the intersection of fields.


Professor David Karjanen
Department of American Studies
Detention and Processing of Unaccompanied Migrants in the United States

Professor Carolyn Lieber
Department of Sociology
Inclusive Population Projections of American Indian and Alaska Native People

Professor Schmuel Lissek
Department of Psychology
Modeling Neural Markers of Maladaptive, Generalized Avoidance

Professor Amy O'Connor
Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication
On the Range: The Values, Practices, and Language of CSR that Bind Mining Companies and Communities Together

Professor Michelle Phelps
Department of Sociology 
Mass Probation in the US: Understanding Supervision’s Impact on Wellbeing


Professor Amit Yahav
Department of English
On Making Leisure Real

Professor Kathryn Grace
Department of Geography, Environment & Society

Professor Alice Lovejoy
Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
Tales of Militant Chemistry: A History of Raw Film Stock

Professor Matt Rahaim
School of Music
Ways of the Voice: Vocal Striving and Moral Contestation in north India

Professor Ning Ma
Department of Asian Languages & Literatures
The Ways of the Monkey King: Chinese Culture and Globalization in Deep Time

Professor Moin Syed
Department of Psychology
Facilitating Open Science in Ethnic Minority Psychology

Professor William Viestenz
Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies
The Lethal Principle: The Politics of Immunity in Francoist Spain


Professor Joyce Bell
Department of Sociology
From Black Power to Black Lives Matter: Toward a Black Radical Demosprudence in the US & England

Professor Giovanna Dell'Orto
Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication
A Profession in Crisis Covering Crises: Journalism, Public Discourses and Policies about Migrant and Refugee Movements and Integration in the European Union and the Americas

Professor Kate Derickson
Department of Geography, Environment, and Society
Reconstruction and Its Legacies in Gullah/Geechee Nation

Professor Tanisha Fazal
Department of Political Science
Military Medicine and the Changing Costs of War

Professor Michael Minta
Department of Political Science
Corporate Money and the Financing of Civil Rights Advocacy

Professor Gilliane Monnier
Department of Anthropology
Reconstructing Neanderthal and Modern Human Behavior Through Stone Tool Residue Analysis

Professor Paul Shambroom
Department of Art
Past Time: Troubled Visions of the Good Old Days

Professor Kim Todd
Department of English
Undercover, The Hidden History of America's Girl Stunt Reporters


Professor Cawo Abdi
Department of Sociology
Ethnocentric Charter Schools in Minnesota

Professor Sophia Beal
Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
The Art of Brasília: How Culture Reframes the Built Environment

Professor Lizbeth H. Finestack
Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Metalinguistic Awareness and Language Development in Children

Professor Njeri Githire
Department of African American & African Studies
Inedible Ideologies: Food, Politics and Artistic Expression in the African Cultural Landscape

Professor Jaime E. Hanneken
Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Tropologies of Latinité: Race and Space in the Circum-Atlantic, 1830-1930

Professor Nancy Luxon
Department of Political Science
Staging the Political: Colonial Encounters Across North Africa and France

Professor Yuichiro Onishi
Department of African American & African Studies; Asian American Studies
The Birth of Midcentury Racial Liberalism: A Strange Journey from America’s Concentration Camps to the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Professor Michael J. Silverman
School of Music
Healthy and Unhealthy Music Use, Music-Based Emotional Regulation, and Coping Strategies in Acute Care Mental Health Inpatients: A Cross Sectional Study

Professor Travis Workman
Asian Languages and Literature
Melodrama and the Cold War: Ideas and Emotion in Korean Film


Professor Lisa Channer
Department of Theatre Arts & Dance
Dancing on the Edge

Professor Katherine Hayes
Department of Anthropology
A Carceral Landscape? Re-interpreting the place and material culture of Historic Fort Snelling through the lens of incarceration
Watch a highlight video on Hayes' research

Professor Mai Na Lee
Department of History
The Hmong Kingdom at Dragon Capital (Long Cheng):  Vang Pao’s Alliance with the CIA

Professor Joshua Page
Department of Sociology
American Bail: Extraction and Management at the Boundary of State and Market
Read "Behind the Baill," a story on Page's research

Professor Matthias Rothe
Department of German, Scandinavian & Dutch
Staging Economy - Critique through Presentation in Brecht's Theater

Professor R. Scott St. George
Department of Geography, Environment & Society
The Long View on Drought in Nepal
Read "Let's Talk About Trees," a story on St. George's research

Professor Michael Wilson
Department of Anthropology
Chimpanzee Dialects? Testing Whether Chimpanzees at Gombe National Park, Tanzania Have Group-specific Calls
Read "Unlocking the Mysteries of Language (One Chimp at a Time)," a story on Wilson's research