Dissertation Proposal Development Program

The College of Liberal Art’s Dissertation Proposal Development (DPD) program expands and improves formal dissertation prospectus and grant proposal development for humanities and social science doctoral students at the University of Minnesota. It is modeled on the Social Science Research Council's (SSRC) Dissertation Proposal Development program.

In 2021, approximately 24 students will be selected to participate in the program. The program includes an intensive five-day workshop in spring, followed by independent student summer research, and another intensive five-day workshop in the late summer and early fall, prior to fall research grant proposal deadlines. Student participants receive a $3,000 summer fellowship funding. Student participants must register for a 3-credit graduate seminar in fall semester as part of the program. Faculty instructors work closely with students on preparing research questions, literature reviews, identifying grant opportunities, work plans, and writing proposals and prospectuses; the students work together in peer groups as well. The goal is to increase student success in grant competitions as well as to refine a dissertation prospectus that may help the students better concentrate their efforts and reduce time to completion. The program targets students at the end of their second or third year (depending on department expectations) in graduate school, around the time when they are articulating their dissertation prospectuses.

This initiative was initially made possible in part by a grant from the Social Science Research Council, with funds provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and with additional support from the University of Minnesota Graduate School and the College of Liberal Arts.

2021 Faculty Facilitators:

  • Karen Ho (Anthropology)
  • Mary Jo Maynes (History)
  • Shaden Tageldin (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature)
  • Amit Yahav (English)
2020 Student Participants
  • Kyle Baasch, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
  • Ray Balstad, French and Italian
  • Aleisha Barton, Art History
  • Anne Briggs, Music
  • Liz Calhoun, Geography, Environment and Society
  • Carlie Cervantes De Blois, History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
  • Shankar Csr, History
  • Merle Matthews, Anthropology
  • John Dieck, History
  • Samhar Khalfani, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Jayne Kinney, History
  • Eesha Kunduri, Geography, Environment and Society
  • Leah Malamut, History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
  • Magaly Ordonez, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Kiara Padilla, American Studies
  • Benjamin Postone, History
  • Olga Salazar Pozos, Spanish & Portuguese Studies
  • Consuelo Sanchez-Bautista, OLPD - CIDE
  • Jaan Sharma Pathak, Geography, Environment and Society
  • Catherine Ulep, History
  • Alexis Zanghi, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
2019 Student Participants
  • Oforiwaa Pee Agyei-Boakye, Geography, Environment, and Society
  • Isaac Asante-Wusu, Geography, Environment, and Society
  • Hasan Tankut Atuk, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Hon Ki Cheung, Music
  • Moinak Choudhury, English
  • Collin Diver, Spanish and Portuguese Studies
  • Amber Hamilton, Sociology
  • Jeffrey Hanson, Musicology
  • SunMin (May) Hwang, Human Factors & Ergonomics
  • Anya Kaplan-Seem, Geography, Environment, and Society
  • John Kendall, Geography, Environment, and Society
  • Brittany Knutson, Communication Studies
  • Aras Koksal, Sociology
  • Snigdha Kumar, Sociology
  • Michelle Lee, American Studies
  • Emily Mitamura, Political Science
  • Megan Moore, Sociocultural Anthropology
  • E Ornelas, Feminist Studies
  • Sara Seweid-DeAngelis, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Danielle Stambler, Writing Studies
  • Shakita Thomas, Curriculum and Instruction/ Culture and Teaching
  • Vanessa Voller, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
  • Ian White, Comparative Literature
  • AK Wright, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies
2018 Student Participants
  • Harsha Anantharaman, Geography
  • Sayan Bhattacharya, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Kriti Budhiraja, Sociology
  • Katherine M. Martin, Nursing
  • Nina Medvedeva, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Arif Hayat Nairang, Anthropology
  • Elizabeth Hazel Rickard, Theatre Arts and Dance
  • Lisa Santosa, Geography, Environment, and Society
  • Tiffany Lachelle Smith, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
  • Colleen Stockmann, Art History
  • Lindsay Ilana Turner, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Nicholas Williams, History
2017 Student Participants
  • Kari Campeau, Writing Studies
  • Dana DeVlieger, Music
  • Eric Goldfischer, Geography, Environment, and Society
  • Vanessa Guzman, American Studies
  • Ezekiel Joubert, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Michael Kadow, History
  • Nithya Rajan, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Harshit Rathi, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
  • Matthew Treon, American Studies
  • Mikkel Vad, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
  • Robin Wright, Geography, Environment, and Society
  • Wei Ye, Anthropology