Spring 2022 courses for the RIGS graduate minor

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These Spring 2022 courses are eligible for RIGS graduate minor fulfillment.

Proseminar requirement (3 cr)

AFRO 8202 Seminar: Intellectual History of Race. Instructor: Rose Brewer, meets W 1:00-3:15pm (course may be counted as an elective if another proseminar has been taken)

Interdisciplinary methodologies requirement (3 cr)

None available at this time.

Electives (6 cr total needed; courses listed are 3 cr unless otherwise noted)

AMIN 5890/HIST 5890 Readings in American Indian History.  Instructor: Jean O'Brien, meets T 1:25-3:20pm

AMIN 8301 Critical Indigenous Theory.  Instructor: Vicente Diaz, meets Th 1:25-3:20pm

AMST 8920 Decolonial Archipelagic Studies.  Instructor: Kale Fajardo, meets W 3:30-4:45pm

ANTH 8310 Molecular Anthropology.  Instructor: Maria Nieves Colon, meets T 2:30-5:00pm

CI 8416 Speculative Fiction, Radical Imagination, and Social Change.  meets M 4:40-7:20pm

GWSS 5104 Transnational Feminist Theory.  Instructor: Sima Shakhsari, meets TTH 2:30-3:45pm

OLPD 5080 Special Topics—Queer and Trans Issues in Higher Education.  Instructor: Tania Mitchell, meets W 4:40-7:20pm

PA 5690/8690 Topics in Women, Gender and Public Policy: Gender and Welfare Policy in Global Perspective.  Instructor: Christina Ewig, meets TTH 2:30-3:45pm

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