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CLA RIGS Gender Policy Report GRPP

CLA-RIGS Gender Policy Report GRPP Summer Fellowship

The College of Liberal Arts and the RIGS Initiative are pleased to announce that there will be two Gender Policy Report (GPR) GRPP Summer Fellowships in 2020. This CLA-RIGS GPR GRPP Fellowship is a $4000 award that will be paid over five pay periods during the summer. 


The Gender Policy Report (GPR) fosters an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural community of faculty and graduate students committed to studying gender and policy issues. Our mission is to take the best insights from scholarship and research and make them accessible to broader communities in a way that is timely for addressing serious policy challenges. The Gender Policy Report was created to provide empirically-rich policy analysis that is intersectional, meaning a focus on the interactions between gender and other dimensions of inequality, such as race, indigeneity, class, sexuality, and nationality. Working groups, led by faculty “curators,” track key national policy developments on a dedicated website. Faculty and graduate students write regular research-based (not opinion based) blog analyses from scholars and researchers, and post multimedia content (video, podcasts). Gender Policy Report contributions clarify the gendered bases of policy practices and conflicts. They offer diverse public audiences informed perspectives on how policies matter for gender equality, gender equity, and constructions of gender itself.


Students must apply to work with a GPR faculty curator on a project to translate and transmit analysis on key areas of gender policy, including: 

•    Built & Natural Environment
•    Criminal Justice
•    Economic Security
•    Education
•    Health
•    Human Rights, Development & Security
•    Immigration and Refugees
•    Labor & Family
•    Leadership and Representation
•    Violence

Applicants, applying with at least one of the above areas in mind, should specify the types of projects they will work on with the curator to contribute to the GPR website content.  Applicants must also describe how working with faculty curators will enhance their own research, and how their research interests intersect with the aims of the Gender Policy Report. Finally, students awarded GPR-GRPPs, are expected to produce two blog posts for the Gender Policy Report website during this summer or soon thereafter. These may be co-authored with the faculty curator.

Application and Deadline:  A completed application and proposal must be submitted to by 9am on April 3, 2020. The completed application will include the GRPP application form, a 3-page research proposal, a 2-page CV, and an unofficial transcript. Download Application 

Selection Process 

A committee of faculty from RIGS units and curators from the Gender Policy Report will review applications and determine awards based on eligibility and merit of the submitted proposals. We will also take into account your current funding availability and whether or not you have held GRPPs in the past. 


CLA students from any discipline are eligible to apply. Recipients of the RIGS-Gender Policy Report Summer Fellowships are not eligible for other internal fellowships during summer 2020 (e.g. CLA DOVE Summer Fellowships, Graduate School Dissertation Fellowships, department fellowships). As a condition of the award, recipients may not register for courses during the summer term and may only hold up to a 25% appointment during the summer.

Reporting Requirements

In addition to submitting content for the GPR website, each CLA RIGS-Gender Policy Report Fellowship recipient must submit a 1-2 page report. Fellows will receive a form outlining exactly what information is required. This report should be submitted to (with a CC to by September 4, 2020.