Build bridges between nations
Learn Russian, the lingua franca of a dozen countries from Eastern Europe to Central Asia and one of the official languages of the United Nations. Understand how the world looks from a large and powerful country with culture that is excitingly different from that of the US, yet retains cultural and historic connections to “the West.”

Immerse yourself in Russian culture
Experience a Tolstoy or Dostoevsky novel, a Chekhov short story, a Pushkin poem, or a Shostakovich opera in the original language. Discover what the Russian news media has to say—and not just the small fraction that makes it into English. Dive into the stories that came out of a history of despotism and revolution, stagnation and reform, isolation and internationalism.

Learn practical skills
Studying Russian language, literature, and culture will give you the analytical, research, and writing skills you need to pursue a career in fields including business, journalism, government and nonprofit, and environmental and public health, to name just a few. Combining your Russian major with a second major will expand your knowledge and skills even further.

Students in Russian language class