The Speech Fluency Lab is now hiring

Hiring a fourth-year undergraduate student in SLHS for a short project

The Speech Fluency Lab conducted a study to look at the recall accuracy of adults who do and do not stutter. The project recruited 8 adults who stutter and 8 adults who do not stutter.

The undergraduate research assistant will check the coding for recall accuracy and disfluency. For accuracy and disfluency coding, there will be 16 audio files to go through for the experimental task and 8 files of reading and conversation samples from adults who stutter. Each audio file for the experimental task will take about 20 minutes to listen through and additional 30 minutes to check the coding. For stuttering severity rating, there are also 8 files for AWS's speech and reading sample. Each file may take about 20 minutes to both listen to and check the coding.

The entire project including the necessary training will take up to 35 hours to complete. You will be hired for about 2 hours per week for the Spring Semester, 2021.

Recruitment preferences:

  • Have received CITI training; If not, the student needs to be willing to receive CITI training.
  • Have taken Phonetics or other courses that require phonetic transcription
  • Have taken courses that has stuttering as part of the syllabus; If not, the student needs to be willing to receive training on how to rate stuttering severity.

Contact Xiaofan Lei for more information.

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