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Professor Peggy Nelson in CATSS Lab

A Scholar of the Senses

Our senses allow us to see, feel, smell and ultimately relate to the world around us. But what happens when those senses fade, or are lost altogether? How do you walk when you have lost your equilibrium? How do you connect to your family when you lose the ability to hear them? Peggy Nelson can tell you.
SLHS professor Ben Munson poses in his office

A Solid Phonology Foundation for Adolescents is Critical

“I like working with people who have the most to gain and the most to lose,” Munson says. Munson is in the midst of finishing a large longitudinal study of the relationships between phonology and children who are still acquiring basic language skills. By using a number of behavioral measures, such as eye-tracking to measure speech perception and nonword repetition, he hopes to better understand how speech production and speech perception grow throughout the years and help with word learning.