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Chelsi Dodd

AuD Alumni and Practicum Supervisor
April 26, 2017

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I completed my undergraduate degree in communication disorders at St. Cloud State University in 2005 and attended the audiology graduate program at the University of Minnesota before heading to southern California to complete my externship in 2008. I was thankful to be hired on as full-time staff after completing my externship and worked at a satellite clinic in Huntington Beach, California until 2010 when I returned to Minnesota. After a short stent working for a hearing aid manufacturer traveling around the country training audiologists at the military bases and VA medical centers, I returned to clinic work when I was hired at the University of Minnesota Audiology clinic in 2011. I have enjoyed working with the adult population in this setting helping with assessment and treatment in hearing related disorders and have recently started working with electrophysiology which allows me to be involved in monitoring during surgical cases.

Why did you choose to pursue audiology?

I knew that I wanted to work in a field that would enable me to make a difference for someone who has a disability. I was fortunate to have a professor who was profoundly deaf and in the process of determining cochlear implant candidacy, and so I learned about the field of audiology through her experiences.

Why did you choose to attend the U of M graduate program, and what was your favorite part about the program?

I was able to visit the program while in the process of applying and met with a few of the professors. It was helpful to receive their opinions on how to best prepare for graduate school and I felt supported before even being accepted as a student. I was glad to know that I would get a well-rounded experience and felt that the professors were top-notch. My favorite part of the program was being able to have hands-on experiences in every aspect of audiology right from the clinic, and then having the opportunity to be placed in clinics around the area that I could be involved in real-life cases of the things that we had been taught.

What was your most memorable practicum experience as a student? Why?

I was glad to be able to have a practicum rotation at the Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation Clinic at the University of Minnesota because of the wide range of clinical assessments and treatments available. Not only was I able to be involved in appointments in every audiology specialty area, but I had the opportunity to also observe in the speech and physical therapy clinics. The experience allowed me to start to pinpoint what areas I was specifically interested in but also to understand the role that audiology helps to play in a multi-disciplinary team.