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Leaving a Legacy of Research and Scholarship

May 23, 2017

Dr. Edward Carney earned his PhD in Speech Science at the University of Minnesota in 1977. After graduating, he worked at the University of Miami, three Big Ten universities, and Boys Town National Research Hospital. He returned to the University of Minnesota in 1994 as a research associate in the department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. His job category is "research associate" but "research program consultant" better fits the range of activities he takes on. He works with faculty on the programming and data analysis for their research. He also works with graduate students on how to conduct research, store data, and do analyses for their theses and dissertations. Additionally, he takes care of technology issues within the department and provides knowledge and experience about different software packages. Dr. Carney strives to minimize effort while maximizing efficiency. He says, "I don't want students or professors to spend hours doing something a script could do in seconds."

Dr. Carney has also appeared as co-author in numerous publications with faculty and students. The articles span a wide area of expertise, with publications in hearing, speech perception, language acquisition, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). "I consider myself an educator, a support person, and a consultant," Dr. Carney says. To the faculty with whom he collaborates, he is viewed as a colleague. When he retires, he'll be missed greatly.

Upon his retirement, Dr. Carney has requested that in honor of this event, donations be made to the Leslie E. Glaze Graduate Fellowship. He feels that any money donated to the Glaze fund will enable his efforts as a student educator to live on.

This story was written by an undergraduate student account executive in CLAgency. Meet the team.