Custodial Single Fathers and Employment Discrimination: Penalized or Protected?

Aimzhan Iztayeva, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology
 Aimzhan Iztayeva
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Event Location
1114 Social Sciences

267 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455

UMN Sociology PhD Candidate Aimzhan Iztayeva will present, "Custodial Single Fathers and Employment Discrimination: Penalized or Protected?"

Aimzhan's dissertation examines employment discrimination against custodial single fathers in the U.S. using a mixed-method approach: a survey experiment with hiring managers and in-depth interviews with single fathers in the Midwest. More broadly, Aimzhan is interested in work-family reconciliation, unpaid care work, and how the "ideal worker" norm affects caregivers' experiences in the labor market.

Sociology Workshop Series

The Sociology Workshop Series provides a forum for faculty and students to present work and work in progress across a wide range of substantive areas, theoretical perspectives, and research methodologies.

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