La Fiesta Maravillosa: The Politics of Culture in Mexico's 1968 Olympic Bid

Edgar Campos, PhD candidate
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PhD candidate Edgar Campos will present "La Fiesta Maravillosa: The Politics of Culture in Mexico's 1968 Olympic Bid." 

About the Speaker

Edgar Campos is a PhD candidate whose main areas of interest involve the intertwining of sport, culture, and politics with special emphasis on Latin America. Campos is especially interested in the political role that sport has in Latin America and around the world in creating a national culture and group identity.

Campos' dissertation titled Lindo y Querido: Nationalism, Latin American Modernity, and the Contested Terrain of the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games focuses on the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games as a unique case study to understand the socio-political forces of nationalism, modernity, and globalization within the context of a post-colonial nation participating in rather than being a recipient of these socio-political forces and how that participation was or was not legitimized through their actions. The overall goal is to demonstrate how popular culture artifacts operate as sites of political struggle and sites of contested terrain.

Other research has included ethnographic analysis of youth sport for prevention programs for underrepresented populations and how these programs attempt to implement their mission statements.

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