Transnational Politics of Christian Persecution

Miray Philips, PhD Candidate, UMN Sociology
Miray Philips
Event Date & Time
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Event Location
1114 Social Sciences

267 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55455

UMN Sociology PhD Candidate Miray Philips will present, "Transnational Politics of Christian Persecution."

About the Speaker

Miray's research explores the transnational politics, meaning, and memory of violence and suffering. She is especially interested in how religion and rights shape interpretations of violence and chart trajectories for mobilization. Her dissertation explores how the plight of Middle East Christians, and specifically Coptic Egyptian Christians, has become a contested category of political concern in U.S. foreign policy advocacy. 

Sociology Workshop Series

The Sociology Workshop Series provides a forum for faculty and students to present work and work in progress across a wide range of substantive areas, theoretical perspectives, and research methodologies.

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