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Supporting Our Community

June 2, 2020


Courtney Perry for MPR News

To all the members of our community, especially our students and colleagues of color:

Below is an excerpt from Dean Coleman's message to the University community this morning. Sociology will be issuing its own statement shortly.

Amidst the sorrow, fear, and anger, and amidst the toll of the devastation in Twin Cities neighborhoods, community members are stepping up to protect and help one another throughout the Twin Cities. Those sights have been beautiful. I know many members of our CLA community have participated in these efforts and more of you are planning to do so. I encourage supervisors to be flexible in allowing employees to participate in this service over the next couple of weeks.

For the past several days, we all have been especially attentive to our families and friends and neighbors and their wellbeing. We know that the bond of people who work together is also strong and deep. Never underestimate what a sign of your concern and compassion, and your actions, can mean for colleagues at difficult times like these. They will likely never forget your gesture, no matter how small it may appear to you. Reach out to your CLA family with your support.