Perspectives from the Minnesota Sociology Centennial

Brief Papers of Alumni and Former Faculty Panelists, March 30, 2002

Logos for Human Rights Center, Human Rights Program, Juvenile Justice Advocates, and JDAI

Ronald Aminzade, PhD
Department Chair
Ronald E. Anderson, PhD
SRI Committee Chair

Photo of Sarah Schultz

Ronald E. Anderson, PhD
University of Minnesota

2018 summer grants announcement

Yanjie Bian, PhD

Kyung Kim

Barry B. Cohen M.A., PhD
Rainbow Research, Inc

A picture of Professor David Crow in a meeting.

Joe Galaskiewicz, PhD

Seminar Fellows

Peter M. Hall, PhD
University of Missouri

Amy Onstot

Arthur L. Johnson, PhD

Jim du Bois

Philip Kretsedemas, PhD
Ryerson University

Brenna Siervert

Pat Lauderdale, PhD

Chris Werle

Bob Leik, PhD

Mercator Map

Scott Magnuson-Martinson, PhD

Greg Tomlinson

James L. McCartney, PhD
Interim Director, International Center
Professor of Sociology
University of Missouri, Columbia

Rita Krueger

Brent Miller, PhD

Fanya Lin

Timothy J. Owens, PhD
Purdue University

Doctoral candidate Marc Juberg

Sharon Preves, PhD

An abstract forest of raw wood

By Robert A. Stebbins, PhD

The State of Satirical Union

Edward F. Van Cleave, PhD
Minnesota Department of Health

White male professor meeting with two male students

Stephen G. Wieting, PhD

Dolores Film Event Flyer

Nancy Wisely, PhD
Stephen F. Austin State University

Mary Prescott

Deborah Woodworth, PhD