Research Specialties

The breadth and depth of our faculty's research specialties are highlighted below. Much of this research, transdisciplinary and transnational in scope, expresses a strong sense of civic engagement and a dedication to addressing the pressing problems of our times.

Diversity as a Core Value
The department of sociology recognizes
that it flourishes only when all
students, staff, faculty, and external
supporters have a community in which
to grow and thrive. Learn more about our
commitment to equity & diversity.

Demography, Family, & Life Course

Demography, Family & Life Course conducts research on topics such as family formation and dissolution, employment patterns and consequences, migration, and population health and mortality. Faculty and graduate students in these areas are affiliated with the nationally renowned Minnesota Population Center and the Life Course Center, attracting graduate students and post-doctoral students from all over the world to conduct studies of the life course.

Global, Transnational, & Comparative Sociology

Global, Transnational, & Comparative Sociology focuses on ideas, practices, literatures, and information from beyond the United States' borders—geographic and intellectual—to find varieties of analytic tools to understand complex and connected social worlds.

Inequalities & Culture

Inequalities & Culture analyzes the meaning, making, and significance of key boundaries, document patterns of discrimination and prejudice in policies and practices, to unpack the mechanisms by which these inequalities are perpetuated and reproduced.

Law, Crime, Punishment & Human Rights

Law, Crime, Punishment, & Human Rights focuses on the social origins, transformation, and consequences of law and legal systems in the US and around the world. 


Faculty Research Areas
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