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Language Use Patterns in a Spanish Immersion Algebra Class: Opportunities, Uptake, and Individual Learner Variables

CARLA presentation by Lauren Truman
March 30, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

By the time dual language education (DLE) students reach high school, their opportunities to communicate in the minority language are often limited. This is especially true in programs where only two immersion courses per year are required. Typically, one of these courses is a math or science class, whose course content is not language related. The combination of these factors, in addition to students' general reluctance to use the minority language, affects students' continued development of their minority language skills. This study examines a secondary Spanish immersion math class to determine what kinds of opportunities for Spanish use the teacher provides the students, how students take up those opportunities, and the role of individual learner variables in student language use patterns.

Lauren Truman is a Ph.D. candidate in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at the University of Minnesota. Her primary research focuses on language use in dual language education (DLE) programs.

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