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Tutor Lab

Update: Due to the recent transition of all University wide classes being offered online only, the Tutor Lab hours will also be offered via online mode only for the remainder of Spring 2020 Semester. The appointment slots will be for fifteen minutes, at the following times:

Spring 2020 Online Appointment Times:
Tuesdays: 10-11am
Wednesdays: 9-10am
Thursdays: 12-1pm
Fridays: 12-1pm

Click here to make an Appointment.

If you have any additional questions, please contact

Guidelines for Walk-in Tutoring Hours:

Only Spanish assignments can be printed in the tutor lab and students must pay for their printed work. The only payment method accepted is Gopher Gold. Due to the automated system, if you do not have your card, it is impossible to print.


  • Remember that it is very important for you to rely on both your textbooks and your instructors. Tutors may help you find ways to make the most of your textbooks and your instructors.
  • Before you visit the lab, first use your textbooks, then the dictionary and other resource materials to answer your own questions. Tutors may help you with the relevant sections in your assignments.
  • University policy clearly states that reasonable accommodations must be made for students with documented disabilities.


  • Since each course has separate guidelines, please identify your essay task or clarify your assignment when you work with a tutor.
  • Tutors will guide you to reformulate your own text or perform your own grammar corrections.
  • You, rather than the tutor, must author the essay text. This means that tutors will limit their assistance to suggestions that guide you in writing and help you use level-appropriate language, rather than correcting each individual error in an essay.

Tutors do:

  • Help students discover the questions they need to ask to complete their assignments.
  • Guide students in isolating areas that need work on exercises and essays.
  • Show students how to find the information to complete assignments, starting first with their textbooks.
  • Help students learn to use the target language.

Tutors don't:

  • Spend more than approximately 20 minutes with a single student. Students can hire tutors for longer sessions (click here for a tutor list or translator list). Students are encouraged to return for follow-up questions once they have had time to absorb the material.
  • Walk students through entire homework assignments.
  • Proofread anything.
  • Spend time dispensing genders and verb conjugations.