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SPAN 3401 alumni talk about visiting the US-Mexican border

November 8, 2016

Here's what students have to say about their experiences in SPAN 3401: Latino Immigration and Community Engagement, a unique course that takes place on the US-Mexican border in Arizona.

This course will be offered again in January 2017. Learn more!


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“The experience was so well done and impactful. The opportunities we have made such a huge influence on my life. Everything about this visit was superb.”

“Kathleen was absolutely exceptional! She was engaging and knowledgeable. Our discussions were always influential.”

“I honestly didn’t want this class to end. Please continue to offer this class for students. I have never learned so much in a class. This was by FAR the best class I have ever taken – completely life-changing.”

“Kathleen’s drive and passion made her a perfect candidate to instruct this course.”

“Actually going to the border to experience what we were discussing was the best thing we could have ever done.”

“Kathleen’s passion for the subject and issues surrounding immigration kept the class very engaged for the whole trip.”

Student Video Testimonials

Click on the images below to hear students tell stories about their experiences in the course.

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  • Spanish and Portuguese student video still
  • Spanish and Portuguese student video promotion
  • Spanish and Portuguese student in video talking about a course