School of Statistics Operations Plan

Ford Hall

General Information

The School of Statistics is looking forward to making a smooth transition back to campus after a year and a half absence from Ford Hall. Please see below for who to contact regarding your questions and their availability. Dedicated office hours may change. You can always find the current setup here. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Central Office (

Visit the UMN Safe Campus website frequently for additional guidance and information from the University of Minnesota regarding COVID.

Administrative Offices

The office will be open Monday - Friday 8-4:30 beginning August 23. 

In line with the university’s Work. With Flexibility. initiative, staff will be in the office as outlined below. They are also accessible by email. Note that these hours will expand during periods of peak demand for in-person services.

Events and Communications
Amanda Schwartz (
Monday - Thursday 10-2, additional hours by arrangement

Student Services
Taryn Verley (
Tuesday - Thursday 8:00-12:00, Friday 8-4:30

Other Administrative Queries
Matt Dangel (
Monday - Thursday 8-4:30

U Cards for Building Access

University policy states that all students, faculty, and staff must keep their U Card on them at all times. Additionally, many University buildings, including Ford Hall, will no longer have public hours (i.e., the doors will not be unlocked, so you will need a UCard to swipe in).

If you do not have an up-to-date U Card, you will need to visit the U Card Office in Coffman Union to have it replaced.  How do you know whether your card is up-to-date?  An up-to-date U Card has a Smart Card number, which is a six-digit number above the magnetic stripe on your U Card after an asterisk. To see more information on current U Cards, see the About The U Card page.

If you update your U Card, you will also need to submit a new Building Access Request to ensure you will have after-hours access to Ford Hall.

Masking and Social Distancing

Beginning August 3, 2021, the University is reinstituting the requirement that all students, staff, faculty, contractors, and visitors to our campuses, offices, and facilities, statewide, wear facial coverings while indoors, regardless of their vaccination status. Masks or facial coverings are not required outdoors. Voluntary mask-wearing is encouraged. 

Disposable masks will be made available for those who would like to wear one but forget theirs. Sanitizer stations can be found at these locations:

  • 313
  • 337
  • Student break room (exterior)
  • Outside 300/304
  • Near both elevators on both floors

Facilities Management

When you return to your office and/or lab, please make sure that the lights are working and look around to see if there are any FM issues that need to be addressed.  If you encounter any such issues, contact Taylor Utterberg (


You may have left a desktop computer, printer, scanner, or another computing device in your office during the past year. Please ensure that they still work and update them as necessary (it may take some time to do so). Refer to the OIT webpage, Return to Campus: Technology Pointers, for more related information. If you have tech issues, contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance (

Mail and Packages

We have been sorting mail/packages throughout the pandemic and are keeping them in the mailroom on the 3rd floor.  Please make sure to pick up all your mail and packages.

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