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School of Statistics Operations Plan

April 30, 2021

General Information

The School of Statistics is continuing to run a virtual office environment. Please see below for who to contact regarding your questions and their availability. Dedicated office hours may change. You can always find the current setup here.
Visit the UMN Safe Campus website frequently for additional up-to-date guidance and information from the University of Minnesota.

Administrative Offices

Student Services
Email Taryn Verley at

Facilities, Reimbursements, and General Office Queries
Email Taylor Utterberg at She is projected to be on maternity leave starting in late February.

Events and Communications
Email Amanda Schwartz at She is projected to be on maternity leave starting in mid March.

Other Administrative Queries
Email Matt Dangel at

Ford Hall Access

  • The building will be unavailable outside of University hours (6:00 AM -10:00 PM) unless granted extended access permission, and accessible only to valid UCard holders during University hours.
  • Given that the School is operating entirely online in the fall and spring semesters, new students will not be issued keys, and no students will be assigned desk/office space. 
  • Students may fill out a Service Request Form for additional access or to schedule in person services, e.g., to get books or loaner laptops, use the department copier, use the department printer, or schedule a visit to the office or other department space. Staff will make arrangements to satisfy the request with no face to face contact if possible, or minimum contact if necessary. 
  • Faculty and staff will continue to use the Google Calendar to schedule visits to Ford Hall.

Shared Spaces

Maximum capacities for shared spaces are listed below. Signs noting the capacity limits will be posted on entrances to each of these rooms. All other shared spaces are closed for the spring semester. Cleaning supplies (wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, etc.) will be stocked in each location.

  • 300 Conference room: 4
  • 304 Library: 2
  • 337 Kitchen/mailroom: 1
  • 313 main office: 1 (313A and 313B are in addition to this)

Sanitizer stations can be found at these locations:

  • 313
  • 337
  • Student break room (exterior)
  • Outside 300/304
  • Near both elevators on both floors

Staff will visit the office weekly (one person per week, rotating basis) to inspect physical integrity, restock cleaning supplies, distribute mail, and take care of anything else requiring in-person attention; staff in this context includes the student worker


The following practices must be observed at all times for those in the building. These requirements may change at any time subject to federal, state, or University policies related to COVID-19. It is the responsibility of the department to ensure all students, faculty, and staff are aware of and comply with these practices.

  • Comply with the University’s face covering directive.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes
  • Clean surfaces and equipment you have touched
  • Take your temperature in the morning and when you return home from work or your visit to the office. Log those results and report to your supervisor when you record any temperature over 100.4º F. If you do not have a thermometer available, "feeling feverish or not" is not an ideal but an acceptable substitute for a true temperature.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap or water when contact is made with another person or upon arrival and departure from a facility; use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of separation whenever possible (physical distancing).
  • In-person meetings are strongly discouraged. If a meeting must be in-person to accomplish the purpose of the meeting, it must be in a room large enough for attendees to be 6 feet away from one another.
  • Break rooms / lunch rooms and gathering areas should be limited to food preparation (one at a time) as much as possible.  When possible, people should eat in other areas that are not used for food preparation. 
  • Visitors who are not relevant to the individual’s or unit’s work are not allowed.
  • People should travel to sites in ways that maintain physical distancing. 
  • To the extent that multiple people are working in a single facility or room, furnishings should be adjusted to support physical distancing. 
  • People must cooperate with and follow the guidance of the Health Emergency Response Office (HERO), Boynton, and public health officials regarding contact tracing, testing, isolation and quarantine. Confidentiality of individual health information is paramount. 

Contact Reporting

Follow these official guidelines. Health status remains confidential per HIPAA regulations.

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