University Academic Policies

Deadlines and Policies

If you are thinking of not registering for a semester, discuss your options with your academic advisor and consider a Leave of Absence.
If you left school without an official leave, you may still be eligible to return after an absence.

13-Credit Policy

As an undergraduate degree-seeking student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus, you will be billed for 13 credits per semester unless you have been granted an exemption from the 13-credit policy. Taking a minimum of 13 credits per term will help you stay on track to graduate, allow you an earlier registration queue time, and support a more fundamentally sound education.

Registration Hold

A hold is put on your student account for financial or academic reasons. If you have unpaid tuition or fines, have not declared a major by 60 credits, or go on academic probation, a hold will be in place. Usually the department or office authorizing the hold will contact you.

  • Take care of your holds immediately. Holds prevent you from registering and accessing your unofficial transcripts or receiving your diploma.
  • Check to see if you have holds by logging into the Holds Quick Link on One Stop. This will tell you current hold information, including the department or office where your hold can be cleared.
  • Avoid the Major Declaration hold by declaring your major before you reach 60 credits.
  • Meet with your major advisor and academic advisor regularly to discuss your holds.

Leave of Absence

CLA students are expected to enroll continuously and plan thoughtfully through to graduation, but for various reasons, a student may need to leave school for a period of time. Some students may take up to two years of absence and remain under current degree requirements. To find out if you are eligible for a leave of absence and to learn about the process, please visit the Leave of Absence page on One Stop.

Students returning from an approved Leave of Absence will need to apply for readmission at least two months prior to the term they plan to return to allow time for processing, advising, and to be eligible to register during the queued registration period upon return. For more guidelines on returning to campus, please visit the Return to the University page on One Stop. 

Returning to CLA

If you were once a degree-seeking student in the Collrege of Liberal Arts and want to return, check out more detailed information regarding returning to CLA.

Withdrawing from CLA

For additional information about leaving the University, go to the Withdrawing from the University checklist on One Stop.

Academic Probation/Suspension Policy

Students must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0 each semester, and overall (cumulatively) in order to remain in good academic standing at the University.

Here's more detailed information on the Academic Probation/Suspension Policy.