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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Advertise My Open Positions to U of M Students?


The best way to do this is to post your position on GoldPASS, the online job and internship site available to U of M students. This is the website we tell students to search when they're looking for jobs or internships. You can post full-time and part-time jobs, internships, and volunteer positions. Please contact CLA Employer Relations at with other recruiting questions.

Does the College of Liberal Arts do On-Campus Recruiting?

Yes! The CLA Career Services office coordinates on-campus recruiting for College of Liberal Arts (CLA) students. We schedule on-campus recruiting during fall and spring semesters. You can do on-campus recruiting for full-time positions that require a bachelor's degree, as well as for internships and co-op positions that require students to be working towards a liberal arts degree.

Can U of M Students Receive Credit for Internships?

The ability for students to receive academic credit for an internship can vary by major. While some departments offer credit, others may not. It is the responsibility of the student to determine if academic credit is an option within his/her degree program.

How Much Should We Pay Our Intern?

There is no set range for intern salaries. It's helpful to research your field to get a sense of how much other organizations in your industry pay interns. Many internships listed through our office are paid. Some unpaid internships offer other compensation such as parking reimbursement or a stipend. Feel free to contact Employer Relations at to discuss this further.

We know that the liberal arts provide a strong foundation for life satisfaction, extensive contributions to our communities, and future career success. Employers tell us they are looking for those who can solve problems, think inventively, communicate well, consider multiple and diverse perspectives, work nimbly, conduct research, analyze the past, understand the present, and imagine the future. These tools are the fruits of a liberal arts education. The liberal arts promote an entrepreneurial mindset in students—inventive, risk-taking, questioning, innovative, analytical.

Excerpt from Dean John Coleman's blog December 11, 2014, Student Readiness and the Liberal Arts 

Staff Articles

Translating A Liberal Arts Education Into Language Employers Understand

Paul Timmins, Director of CLA Career Services

Students are often deterred from a degree in liberals arts, causing students and parents alike concern about the value of a liberal arts degree in terms of employment. Employers, however, value liberal arts degrees now more than ever. Paul Timmins, Director of CLA Career Services, examines the disconnect and how to help CLA students see the career opportunities that a liberal arts degree can provide.

PDF iconThe Ethical Implications of Using Facebook to Assess Job Applicants
Beth Lory, Assistant Director, CLA Employer Relations 

Some employers use Facebook to screen applications during the recruiting process. Employers may wish to consider the related ethical implications. Beth Lory, Assistant Director, CLA Employer Relations, analyzed this topic in a paper published by the NACE Journal (National Association of Colleges and Employers).