How CLA Career Services Can Help

We help employers recruit U of M students for jobs and internships. If you need guidance setting up an internship or hiring, CLA Employer Relations can help!

  • We provide individualized, personal assistance. If you have questions, our answers will be tailored to your organization, your needs, and your circumstances.
  • We provide on-campus recruiting services for internships. If you'd like to do on-campus interviews with CLA students, we'll help you set up an interview schedule and arrange a space.
  • We promote your on-campus recruiting to students through many print and electronic communications. We will also help you with GoldPASS, the U of M recruiting database created for students and alumni.
  • We provide online guides, including our Tips for Establishing an Effective Internship.

Best Practices for Internships

  • Create a detailed internship description so students know if they qualify, and so you'll get strong applicants.
  • Give interns meaningful, substantial work assignments.
  • Provide an orientation to the organization and training on office basics (technology, phone, hours, mission, etc).
  • Provide supportive supervision and clear work expectations.
  • Assign some independent projects to the intern. This grows the intern's skills and frees up time for the supervisor.
  • Encourage an intern's questions and suggestions. Interns bring a new and unique perspective to your workplace.
  • Do not assume students can obtain credit for their internship. Also know that when they obtain credit, they pay for those credits.

Should Internships Be Paid or Unpaid?

This is up to the employer, but we strongly encourage paid internships when possible. Internships require more work and commitment than most volunteer positions, so compensation is a fair expectation. Paid internships tend to draw more committed and qualified candidates, and be taken more seriously by both the student and the internship supervisor. This increases expectations on both sides, which we have found to benefit both the student and the employer.