Pre-Health Timeline

Prepare to Apply to a Health Profession Program

This timeline is designed to provide general guidance and promote conversation between students and their advisors. Specific plans for particular students will vary according to the individual, their academic plans and program requirements for specific professional schools. 

Freshman Year 

Create your own Health Program Action Plan
and receive personal feedback from a counselor
at the Health Careers Center. If you need
assistance with the “Academics and Prerequisites”
section of your action plan, please schedule an
appointment with your CLA advisor.
  • Meet with your college advisor
  • Explore your options for health careers
  • Attend pre­health meetings of student organizations
  • Apply early for opportunities to gain experience during the summer or school year  
  • Consider whether you want to study abroad

Sophomore Year

  • Volunteer or intern in a related field
  • Stay on track with prerequisite courses
  • Attend pre­-health meetings of student organizations
  • Connect with faculty and professional mentors
  • Look for research opportunities
  • Think about parallel plans

Junior Year

  • Develop your application strategy (if taking a gap year, adjust timeline accordingly)
    • Select your top schools based upon fit for you
    • Register and prepare for admissions exams
    • Secure letters of recommendation
    • Write your personal statement
  • Continue volunteer, leadership and research projects
  • Complete most applicable coursework prior to taking admissions exams
  • Submit your application in a timely manner
  • Develop your parallel plan to provide you with a strong alternative

Senior Year

  • Prepare for interviews
  • Receive letters of acceptance or rejection
    • If accepted, decide where you want to go
    • If rejected, it’s ok!  Consider a gap year or post­bac program.  Try again or move to your parallel plan.