How do I...?

How do I find an internship?

CLA created a “How to Find an Internship” module to help you explore the many ways CLA students have found internships and provide background on search strategies so you can choose a strategy that will work for you. Watch the video above to learn more, and then consult our module for more information. 

Search for listings on GoldPASS

GoldPASS is the U of M's job and internship database. It lists thousands of opportunities just for U of M students.

Stop by the CLA Career Services office

We can steer you to books, internship search sites, and other ways to find internships. After you find an internship you want to apply for, we can also help you write a resume or prepare for a possible interview.

Identify major-related opportunities

Speak with faculty or staff in your major to see if there are unique internship resources, tips, scholarships, or courses offered to you.

Intern abroad

Check out the Learning Abroad Center for more information on opportunities to complete an internship abroad.

Attend the CLA Internship & Career Fair

At this annual fall event you can explore internship opportunities with a wide variety of employers who are hiring and who have internships for CLA students. This even is also an opportunity to develop your networking skills and to get advice about internships and full-time professional work.

Ask people!

Use your personal networks. You do have them: family, friends, classmates, faculty, advisors, teaching assistants, neighbors... anyone you can think of. To broaden your network, join a student organization or volunteer somewhere. Here's what you can say when asking about internships:

I'm hoping to get an internship soon, so I can explore career options and get some experience before I graduate. My major is ____, and I hope to get an internship doing ____. Do you know anyone who works in this field or who works somewhere that might have internships in that field? Or can you think of any other ways I might find an internship? If not and you hear of something later, I'd appreciate you keeping me in mind.

How do I know if an internship is right for me?

First, consider your academic and personal goals

Also consider your strengths and values. Do you want to work for a nonprofit? Then focus your search there. Do you want to do advertising, anywhere? Then search by category, concentrating on ones related to that field (e.g., Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations).

Write a goal statement for yourself

"I would like an internship that will give me an opportunity to..." This statement will guide your search. If you're struggling to clarify your career goals, consider taking one of the career exploration and planning courses we offer, ID 1201 or ID 3201.

If you have trouble finding the right internship, try creating your own

Decide what you want to do and find an organization that will support you. Keep in mind that smaller, lesser-known organizations often provide internships that are just as good as internships at big companies, and tend to be more flexible.

Do an informational interview

Do an interview with someone in an organization or field that interests you. If it seems like a good fit, ask them about internship possibilities in their organization. The CLA Career Services office provides books, handouts, and personal tips about conducting informational interviews.

How do I get the most out of an internship?

Create a Learning Contract with your site supervisor

This agreement clarifies your expectations and those of your supervisor and maps out a plan for you as you work through your internship. Some experiences are centered around a specific project (a campaign, for example) so your agreement should be written with this project in mind.

Outline what you intend to learn and accomplish. Both you and your supervisor can use this document to manage the position. If your internship focuses on a specific project, write the learning contract with that in mind. If it doesn't, chart our various activities and projects, mutual expectations, and goals. As you begin, consider your goals in these areas:

Academics: What ideas and concepts in your field of study would you like to learn about, practice, or test?

Skills: What practical skills do you want to develop?

Need help creating a Learning Contract? Visit the CLA Career Services office for help.

If you have an internship, you might be interested in taking a class that will help you make the most of the experience. During the semester you have an internship, consider taking the online class, ID 3208 Internship Reflection. It'll help you get more out of your internship and earn 1 credit.