On-Campus Interviews

Are you a CLA student looking for a full-time job or an internship? You can interview with many organizations through the CLA Career Services office. Each semester we host local and national companies and nonprofits of all sizes. It's a great way to interview with employers without leaving campus.

Several times per year, CLA Career Services offers practice interviewing events with professional recruiters. Watch this short video to hear about benefits and tips for practice (and real!) interviews.

How to Apply for On-Campus Interviews

Log into GoldPASS

You must have an approved resume uploaded to your profile. The approval process takes 1 to 2 business days.

New to GoldPASS? Read this brief GoldPASS summary.

Check out the On-Campus Interview Opportunities

Hover over the 'On-Campus Interviews' tab, select 'View all On-Campus Interviews.' The list there is updated regularly, so keep checking it for more job and internship openings.

You can see interviews you're eligible for by clicking 'Sign-Up for Interviews You Qualify For.' You can also search for a specific company or interview date.

Apply for a Position

Click 'Request Interview' for a position after you've reviewed the description and qualifications.

Shortly after the position's application deadline passes, you will be notified by email if you've been selected for an interview. You will be asked to log into GoldPASS to sign up for a specific interview time. There will be a deadline to do so by, so be sure to watch your email!

Cancellation Policy
If you apply for a position, are accepted for the interview, and sign up for an interview time, you are expected to be there and arrive on time. If you are unable to attend the interview, you must cancel at least 2 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE. If you don't, your access to GoldPASS will be suspended and you may be disqualified from on-campus recruiting opportunities and jobs.

To cancel your interview, notify us by calling 612-624-7577 and asking for CLA Employer Relations. Email cancellations will not be accepted.

If you show up late to your interview, you may be disqualified from that interview and from future on-campus recruiting.

This policy is a campus-wide policy followed by all U of M career offices.

Preparing for Your Interview

Check out our Interview Guide for tips on how to prepare, or stop by our Resource Room for help. Learn what kind of questions you might be asked, how best to answer them, what to wear, what to ask your interviewer, and so on.