Practice Interview Days

We offer Practice Interview Days every semester for CLA students. This is an extremely helpful way to prepare for job or internship interviews. Your practice interview is facilitated by a professional recruiter. After it, you receive individualized feedback and interviewing tips.

Practice Interview Days are posted on GoldPASS and on our Events page. If you don't see one listed there now, check back later. To participate, you'll register for a 45-minute time-slot. We'll follow up by emailing you more details.

Practice Interview Days are free and open to all CLA students. (CLA juniors and seniors are especially encouraged to participate.) Below are quotes from CLA students who have participated in this event in the past. It's clear they found these practice interviews to be a valuable resource!

Quotes from CLA Students Who've Participated:

The best interview and resume help I have received (despite fine-tuning my resume for months!). I greatly appreciated my interviewer's efforts and comments.

It's a great way to help students prepare for a real interview.

I really appreciate this opportunity and the feedback I received will help me as I continue to interview. THANK YOU!

This was an extremely beneficial opportunity. The interviewer provided valuable feedback and I will be more confident in my next interview as a result of practicing with this one.

I appreciated the input my interviewer gave. She was honest and related my interests and situation to her life experiences.

It was a wonderful opportunity and I hope to get more opportunities with different recruiters.

This opportunity helped me immensely! I am planning to do an upcoming competitive on campus interview and feel prepared to go in and clearly and effectively display my skills. My interviewer gave me specific and helpful feedback and showed me how to take my interviewing skills from average to exceptional. Very helpful!

It was EXTREMELY valuable. I am VERY glad I did this. I learned a lot of helpful things

The practice interview days are a valuable resource for CLA students looking to get an internship or enter the job market. I would definitely do it again given the chance.