Dance Director Carl Flink's Dance Films Selected for Festivals

Two of Flink's films will be featured in several film festivals from around the world.
Scene from "A Dream of Touch When Touch Is Gone" featuring several dancers in neutral-colored clothing, six feet apart, in different phases of jumping: some about to take off, some just landing softly, some still mid-air. they all face away from the camera and toward a high window with light streaming in.

Join us in congratulating Dance Director, Carl Flink, on his two films being selected for 2022 film festivals!

A Dream of Touch When Touch is Gone, created and performed by Flink's Black Label Movement, was selected for the 23rd American Dance Festival Movies by Movers Film Festival in Durham, NC. ADF is regarded by many as the United States' premier dance festival. It was also selected for the FlickFair online film festival platform based in Los Angeles, CA, and is available on many major streaming platforms.

His other film, cage(d), was selected for the 2022 South London Screendance Festival.

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