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“Amazing" New Partnership with Dublin’s Gaiety School, City University and UMTAD

March 13, 2017

In describing the program offered in a new collaboration between Dublin’s Gaiety School of Acting and  our BA theatre program,  a current participant  called it “…amazing  even though it’s only in its first year…”

Located in the center of Dublin, this unique study abroad program offers courses with theatre artists at the famed Gaiety School of Acting and a wide range of classes with faculty at Dublin City University exploring the arts and Irish culture.  Matching students’ interest with internships, the program provides  first hand experience with one of many of the city’s  arts organizations. The application deadline to participate in the Dublin Study Abroad program during  the fall semester 2017 is April 15. 

 Sophomore Natalie Shaw and junior Sam Norum are both in the current Dublin program and chatted with us about their first impressions so far of Dublin.  

Why did you want to participate in this program?

NS: We are situated in the heart of Dublin, and there is so much to do within walking distance of our apartments. As a cohort, we all live close together, which is wonderfully convenient for walking to class or to the pubs together. Dublin is old yet beautiful, especially when it’s grey and rainy!

SN: My primary reason for being here was to gain knowledge and experience that would affect my work in theatre, and I can testify that I am gaining all that and more. Dublin is such a historic city, especially in the performing arts. So many great playwrights and writers have come from here that I was really excited to study their work and do some writing of my own within their city. The Dublin program is amazing even though it’s only in its first year, and we feel very fortunate to be here.

What do you like about this program?

SN: I am really enjoying my two internships, one doing researching and creative writing for a community oriented activist company, and the other reading new play submissions for the Fishamble New Play company. The classes have been amazing, and the planned events and excursions have been well curated and executed.

NS: I am enjoying all my classes. After three weeks I have already learned a lot, and the professors have even more they can teach us. I have also been enjoying my internship with the Audi Dublin International Film Festival. Even though I have been in this program for less than a month, I have already grown so much.

What can a student expect from one semester in this program?

NS: Expect amazing theater classes, both outside theater and in it. And expect to work with some world-class artists and producers in an internship.

SN: She hit the nail on the head. Expect challenging classes and a lot of personal growth.

NS: The culture barrier can be difficult at times, but that’s the whole reason to participate in study abroad!

SN: And expect to experience an amazing city!

Clearly,  Natalie and Sam are having a rich artistic and powerful academic experience. This  one of a kind  study abroad experience  offers  distinct knowledge of academics  and  the arts  plus the experience of modern urban life in Dublin. Consider applying now. The deadline to participate in the next  Dublin Study Abroad program  is April 15. To learn more about the program and its application requirements, read more here.