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Artistry Theater opens "The Secret Garden"

April 17, 2017

Artistry Theater opens The Secret Garden this Saturday, April 15th. Directed by Lisa Channer, Head of the BA Performance Program and Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, The Secret Garden is a musical retelling of the beloved children’s book. Eleven year-old orphan Mary Lennox is taken to live at the estate of her reclusive uncle Archibald; a deep melancholy pervades the house and its overgrown grounds, but Mary's youthful spirit leads her to find beauty and joy in the place. An enthralling show for adults and a perfect introduction to "grown-up" theater for children, The Secret Garden is a story of spring, renewal, and the happiness a young girl can nurture when she is determined to make things grow. This production features not only the direction of TAD professor Lisa Channer but also the production talents of many department alums: Mary Shabatura (Lighting), Annelise Eckelart (ASM), Annie Henley (Scenic), Lee Johnson (SM), James Kunz (Choreography), and Justin Spooner (Puppet consultant) all graduated from various programs within our department. With such a crew of all-stars, this production is not to be missed. The Secret Garden opens April 15th and runs through May 14th. For more information on the show and tickets, please visit: