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Director, Dramaturg & Playwright of Images

SDC Journal Highlights Productions and Projects by Theatre Professor, Talvin Wilks
August 13, 2018

Recent faculty addition, Talvin Wilks, had the honor of being featured in the Stage Directors & Choreographers (SDC) Society Journal this spring. 

"Talvin Wilks is a master of many things; directing, dramturgy, playwrighting, and producing are just a few. He is also a thoughtful historian who has taken on the enormous task of documenting Black Theatre history in the United States. Through his interviews with three generations of significant Black theatre professionals from the 1960s forward, he has created a dynamic archive of Black theatrical traditions that he shares with budding artists so that they might understand the foundation that has been laid before them. Wilks' commitment to history and tradition is not static. He carries it into the rehearsal hall whenever embarking on a new project, and requires his collaborators to commit to a sense of rootedness with their characters and asks them to contemplate the wider scope of history."

If you are a member of the SDC community, you may access the full article on their website.

If you are not a member, please view the PDF version here