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MacArthur “Genius” Award Winner Anne Basting to Speak April 7 noon at Rarig

March 13, 2017

Theatre artist Anne Basting, PhD, who was awarded the McArthur Foundation Genius Award in 2016 returns for a combination homecoming celebration and to speak at free public presentation about her unusual work on April 7 at noon in Rarig Center’s Whiting Proscenium Theatre.

Learn more about Anne Basting and her innovative approach for which she earned the MacArthur Foundation’s Genius Award recognition for 2016.  
Dr. Basting’s research and practice, deeply rooted in improvisation and storytelling, resulted in break–through innovations for those suffering from dementia and other cognitive disabilities. Dr. Basting’s presentation titled “Arts and Aging: The Cultural Cure,” demonstrates a major shift in thinking about cognitive impairment from struggling with memory to relying on imagination. She describes these individuals as “lost to themselves,” and her method “Timeslips” works to help them regain purpose amidst the lack of identity and purposelessness that accompanies dementia.

Dr. Basting, a practicing theatre artist, and educator describes herself as a humanist, healer, and storyteller and teaches theatre arts at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where she is a  faculty member.

Her publications to date: The Penelope Project, Forget Memory, and an introductory journal titled Timeslips.  

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