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Brandi Gaspard (MFA)

September 28, 2016

Brandi completed her undergraduate degree at Ripon College in 2010 with majors in Theatre and Anthropology. It wasn't until senior year that she figured out that costuming is what she wanted her career to be (she thought she was going to be an archaeologist).  Since then, she has spent nearly five years working at a bridal shop doing alterations. In the past few years she has designed shows at Theatre in the Round Players, Lyric Arts, and Anoka High School. Her work at Anoka has been particularly enjoyable because she graduated from Anoka. It has been a lot of fun returning and seeing things from the other side. She’s lived in Minnesota for fifteen years now, and she loves it here! Sure the winters get a bit annoying, but that makes the summer better, right? She is very happy to be continuing her education in a city that she loves.